The cocktail for a successful parody of survival games

After dating shows, jonathan cohen pay for adventure games! Inside The Torch, The Adventurers of the Chupacabrabroadcast this Monday at 9:00 p.m. on Canal +, his character, Marc, the seductive celibate hero of The flame, is just one candidate among many, a member of a team of adventurers who fight to survive on the paradisiacal island of Chupacabra, defeat the opposing team and win the incredible prize pool of 450 euros. “I am no longer the main character. The 16 candidates are as important as the others”, he warned during the press conference in Cane Series where two episodes of Torch were screened at the end of the festival.

The creator uses all the codes of famous survival shows, to parody them to the fullest. “We have this suspense of knowing who is going to leave and who is going to win the events. There is a billion times more action in this season,” he says. The cocktail for a successful survival game parody.

“It was hard for us to write”

like season 2 of burning lovethe American format that inspired The flameJonathan Cohen and his teams initially began building this season around “ a woman instead of Mark with many suitors. “We are not going to lie to ourselves, it was hard for us to write. It was a little hot,” she says. Then he hired two new writers who told him, “We’re hot, but wouldn’t we do an adventure show? “.” We thought about it, but we didn’t allow it, “he explains. Canal + and the production validate this change.“ As soon as we started great ideaIdeas immediately abounded. We felt enormous potential”, he rejoices. The season is written in six months.

Who says new reality TV, says new presenter! “Few actors have the ability to host a TV show. Jérôme Commandeur has presented programs and has this rather strange way of addressing the public. Vincent Dedienne also had that talent”, greets Jonathan Cohen, before adding: “We are in a much more impressive presenter, a little aggressive. “He’s a little more interested.” What mattered to me was that he had a touch of a friendly host and, at the same time, a little condescending, ”says Jérôme Commandeur.

“A heavenly beach”

Survival games always take place in exotic and wild places. The (fictional) Chupacabra archipelago is no exception to the rule. “The shooting took place in the north of Corsica towards Ile Rousse. We are lucky to have Corsicans on the production team, who know the place well,” says Jonathan Cohen.

The director sets his sights on a “paradisiacal beach” and “preserved” and “difficult to access”. “To go to the set you had to take 4 carts, stop at a small bridge, walk fifteen minutes… It was tiring, but, in the end, we believe in this Mexico, right? »

“Season 1 Veterans”

The strength of adventure games is also based on colorful candidates, The torch don’t miss it “There are many new characters, but also old ones from season 1,” warns the creator. Much of the crazy clique of The flame arrives at Le Flambeau: Alexandra (Leïla Bekhti), Chataléré (Camille Chamoux), Anna (Ana Girardot), Soraya (Adèle Exarchopoulos) and Marina (Géraldine Nakache).

“Marina is coming back!” In two years, she just changed jobs. she was a physio The flameshe is a police officer The torch and he will fall in love again”, announces the latter. “We chose these characters because we thought they would be funny in this context,” explains Jonathan Cohen. Doctor Juiphe (Pierre Niney) also resumes his service as a psychologist.

“Completely crazy characters”

“Adventure games are dreams to be parodied with crazy situations and people living in extreme situations. There are always crazy characters in these types of shows that stand out. The participants know a little about what they represent and play with it. For parody, it’s great”, analyzes Jonathan Cohen. The torch was filled with new guests such as Gérard Darmon (Philippe, the jungle specialist), Kad Merad (Patrice, known as Patoche, a warehouse manager) or even Ramzy Bedia (Tony Tonic, the sports coach) to play this clique of candidates implausible.

“We wrote the characters and then we thought about who could best embody them, except for Laura Felpin, whose character is inspired by the one she created on social media, an insufferable circus girl,” says Jonathan Cohen. “I play Annick, all kindness and friendliness, hyper-willing for every proposed wake-up game, but she takes it a bit with her mouth,” smiles Laura Felpin. “I, I was a fan of La Flamme”, launches Mr V, who lends his features to William, the influencer. “He is doing the program to make his way into the world of influencers and he intends, thanks to this, to exceed the bar of 1,300 subscribers, he has 800”, he laughs.

“Kinky or stupid, depending on where you are”

“I am Herve. He was part of the congregation of the children of San Juan de Luz, which is not found, moreover, in San Juan de Luz. I participate in this game to win the 450 euros, which will allow the grandmaster to take us to paradise more quickly. it’s my quest. My character is a bit flabby, wobbly, lackluster,” laughs Jonathan Lambert.

Natacha Lindinger plays Carole, the competitor. “She is a high-level athlete, determined, willing to do anything and she wants to take revenge on her private and professional life. She is scabby or dumb, depending on where she is, ”summarizes the actress.

“Planet Mars with crazy people”

Sébastien Chassagne suffered for his costume as Soso, the bubble boy. “I lost 5 or 6 kg. The suit was heavy and bit into my shoulders. I wasn’t breathing and I couldn’t hear everything either,” he says. “I can only introduce myself briefly, because anything I say can be used,” jokes Thomas Scimeca, who plays Yvan the conspirator.

As in real adventure games, Jonathan Cohen has invented a whole series of tests for his candidate characters. “The construction of rafts, buoys… Aquatic events are more or less inspired by this type of program. And very quickly, we went to another place, the tests become more and more eccentric. It was important to maintain certain codes, certain quotes from this type of program to go to the planet Mars with crazy people”, says the creator. And to conclude: “These games have become social phenomena. We want to make fun of it for the joy of making large-scale bullshit about things we know. »

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