Food prices continue to rise in Réunion

The increase in consumer prices for the month of April 2022 in Réunion is 0.7%. It affects all consumer sectors but is less strong than in March, as indicated by INSEE in the following press release:

By NP – Posted on Monday, May 23, 2022 at 10:59

In April 2022, consumer prices increased by 0.7% in Réunion. The rise in prices continues to affect all consumer sectors, but it is half as strong as in March. The prices of oil derivatives continue to rise, as do those of services, food and manufactures.

During a year, prices increased by 3.2% in Réunion. The sharp rise in the price of oil derivatives continues. It is always accompanied by the accelerating food products. In France, excluding Mayotte, prices increased more sharply for a year in April (+4.8%) than in Réunion, and more than in March (+4.5%).

Food prices rose in April, but less than in the last two months: +0.8% after +2.7% in March and +2.4% in February. Fresh produce prices increased by 1.2% after a rebound in the previous two months linked to bad weather following the passage of cyclones Batsirai and Emnati. With +0.7% in April, the rise in the prices of other food products continued for the fifth consecutive month. Prices are rising especially for margarine, butter, edible oils, yoghurts, and dried or smoked fish.

Food prices continue to rise in Réunion
Food prices continue to rise in Réunion

With +0.5% in April, the prices of services increased for the second consecutive month. the prices of services communications increased by 1.0%. The rise in the price of “other services” also continued (+0.9%), driven by the increase in insurance rates and vehicle maintenance costs. By contrast, freight prices fell 0.3%, boosted by off-season air freight prices. The prices of health services also fell (-0.1%), while those of rentals and related services remained stable.

the prices ofEnergy they continue to rise: +2.5% in April after +4.5% in March. These prices are driven exclusively by the rise in oil product prices (+3.4%) in a context of international tensions. The increase in the price of gas cylinders (+9.3%) is much higher than that of fuels, whose price increase is temporarily mitigated by exceptional state aid.

the prices of manufactured products increased by 0.6% after +1.1% in March. This increase is linked, on the one hand, to clothing prices, which remained (+1.1%) after the February sales, but significantly attenuated compared to the previous month (+4.2%) and, on the other hand, , to that of the prices of “other manufactured products” (+0.6%). The increases in household linen, mobile phones, items and appliances for personal care, as well as for large gardening tools, stand out. On the other hand, the prices of the products of Health fell 0.2%.

During one year, in Réunion, prices increased by 3.2% (Chart 3 and Chart 4). Less than in France excluding Mayotte (+4.8%), where the rise in prices intensified in April, driven by the more intense rise than in Réunion in the prices of petroleum products, services and manufacturing to a lesser extent.

In Réunion, energy prices continued to rise at a sustained rate (+20.3% year-on-year in April, after +20.1% in March and +18.0% in February), under the effect of the rise in prices of petroleum products. Food prices accelerated (+6.1% after +5.4% in March): they were driven by the increase in the prices of fresh produce (+41.1%) and other food products, whose increase confirmed: +3.2% in April after +2.3% in March and +1.0% in February. The rise in manufactured products also continued (+2.1% compared to +2.3% in March), due to the rise in the prices of “other manufactured products”, and to a lesser extent clothing.

The prices of services are also increasing, although the annual increase (+0.9%) is less pronounced than that of other consumer items. They continue to be driven by the rise in transport prices -particularly air transport- and by “other services”.

Food prices continue to rise in Réunion
Food prices continue to rise in Réunion

Food prices continue to rise in Réunion
Food prices continue to rise in Réunion

one.published by
on 05/23/2022 11:23

it is to be feared that the restoration will suffer from this state of affairs, as well as certain leisure organizations

two.published by
I””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ””””””” art and sweetness
on 05/23/2022 11:41

Macron prepares for his future retirement.

3.published by
on 05/23/2022 11:48

What are we complaining about?

We have enough cane to support us

Four.published by
on 05/23/2022 11:57

Anyway, in Réunion, when there are price increases and there are a lot of them, never, I say never, are the “lost” prices “recovered”!
So the metropolitans preferred to elect Macron, since they assume him now, and this, for 5 years! It’s been 5 long years, very long… long, long, long…

5.published by
on 05/23/2022 12:26

And then what’s the problem, money is mercy, coffee and deficits

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