Stéphanie de L’amour is in the meadow suffering, here is her terrible illness!

Stéphanie de L’amour is pre-afflicted with an incurable disease! Here are all the details about her new life.

Ever since she fell in love with Hervé, the water has run under the bridge. And for good reason, Stéphanie de L’amour’s pathology calls everything into question.

Why did Stephanie lose her beautiful smile?

At the beginning of February 2021, Love is in the meadow fans have booked their evening. In fact, the profile of the candidates is an important step. Lets make the link between the audience and their broken hearts.

Behind the scenes, Cupid knows he has a lot of work ahead of him. To achieve feats as luminous as the ones we are about to discuss, he will have to redouble his efforts. For example, after welcoming a wonderful Capucine princess, Jérôme and Lucile are about to say yes. Inspired by their two best friends on the show, Alexandre and Mathieu, this quartet can’t afford to be unlucky right now.

For Karine Le Marchand, piercing the shell of atypical profiles is a permanent challenge. Certainly, with Nathalie it was not easy as she had a difficult past. Instead, for Hervé le Picard, who had never known love before his beautiful Stéphanie, it was (almost) la dolce vita! With a detail… People Act magazine takes stock!

One year already!

After several months of waiting, Hervé Le Picard finally associates a face with these two suitors. On the one hand, there is the energetic Vanessa who is not used to weighing the pros and cons. With her, it’s deal or fail. Being already the mother of a little prince, she counted on him to help her raise them in good conditions.

It was without Stephanie’s presence at the farm. For several days, the candidate of Love is in the meadow will constantly change his mind.

On the one hand, he likes one’s openness and spontaneity. On the other hand, he is aware that the latter’s tenderness is exactly what he needs to flourish.

Just before the last episode, Hervé le Picard kisses Stéphanie for the first time. But this is not the only change in the life of this forty-year-old. At that time, he lived and worked with his parents. Today, although they are important, she will take a certain distance. Yes, this breakup hurts.

But it is more necessary than ever. And yes, dear friend of People Act Magazine, if you want a big house, it is mainly to receive the stork as soon as possible. This baby will be the culmination of a long path littered with traps. The last one just dropped!

Stéphanie de L’amour’s double penalty is in the field

On the Instagram account, it is Stéphanie who writes most of the posts. After announcing that she had put her house in Normandy up for sale, the young woman confesses that she “is not in very good condition.” Before the declaration of her symptoms, we realize that she hides her game well.

Whether in the air or in his many souvenir photos, the danger of the disease seemed to be behind him. Why did she try to hide the truth? Was she afraid that Hervé le Picard would reject her and choose Vanessa? The mystery remains intact. However, he begins to become a handicap. “I have vertigo again, tinnitus, hearing loss in my left ear and, above all, great fatigue.”

As always, Stephanie’s subscribers are on the lookout. One of them will soon name this invisible but nasty evil.

Transparent, Hervé le Picard’s pampered confirms that she suffers from “Ménière’s disease”. Appearing from 2022 in his daily life, he deplores the slow pace of science on this subject. In pharmacies there are not many treatments. To tell the truth, there is one and it’s just about “dizziness”.

Stephanie Love is in the meadow

In the event of a serious crisis, you will have to find “an otolaryngologist or osteopath to put the crystals back in the inner ear”. And in his adoptive region, he is almost won. Even Stéphane Plaza struggled to find his dream home. How sad to have to face the days without. Let’s cross our fingers that everything gets back to normal quickly. Until then, take care and see you soon for new adventures!

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