US Box Office: ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Keeps Falling, ‘Downton Abbey II’ Disappoints, ‘The Bad Guys’ Confirms

And three. For the third weekend in a row, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” tops the box office across the Atlantic*. Despite a drop in attendance of almost 50%, it posted by far the best average per copy at $6,969, for a total that now stands at $342.0 million. As a reminder, the first part released in 2016 settled for “only” 232.6 million dollars. But the presence at the top of the hero camped by benedict cumberbatch it does not compensate for the recurring weakness of American darkrooms. As proof, during the last weekend a total of 73.5 million dollars in revenue was recorded. It was $89.0 million the previous weekend; a low level.

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“The Bad Guys” good third

The new release, “Downton Abbey II”, directed by Simon Curtis with action set in the South of France, comes in second with $16.0 million up for grabs. This is less than the previous work, released in 2019, which had been able to count on 31.0 million dollars for its first weekend of operation. On the bottom step of the podium, the animated movie “The Bad Guys” continues its hot streak despite already being on the screen for five weeks. This Dreamworks action comedy has grossed $74.3 million.

The only other new release this weekend, “Men,” directed by Alex Garland and starring Jessie Buckley, took fifth place with a shy of $3.3 million. Two places away, Americans are shying away from the third installment of “Fantastic Beasts,” still under $100 million in revenue six weeks after its release. Average revenue per print leaves little room for optimism with just 990 George Washington tickets.

The Top 10 at the US box office for May 20-22, 2022

1. “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” (4534) / $31.6 million / $342.0 million
two. “Downton Abbey II: A New Age” (3,820) / $16.0 million
3. “The Bad Boys” (3,705) / $6.0 million / $74.3 million
4. “Sonic 2” (2943) / $3.9 million / $181.0 million
5. “Men” (2,212) / $3.3 million
6. “Everything Everywhere, Everything At Once” (1576) / $3.1 million / $52.2 million
7. “Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets” (1923) / $1.9 million / $93.0 million
8. “Firestarter” (3413) / $1.9 million / $6.9 million
9. “The Secret of the Lost City” (1,396) / $1.5 million / $99.3 million
10. “The Northman” (1263) / $1.0 million / $33.0 million

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* Figures box officeMojo

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