120 GB at a low price and valid for life!

If you want to make big savings on your mobile bill, then the following good plan will please you. Thanks to this mobile plan, you benefit from a great internet envelope and with a low price plan, valid for life!

Until June 21, the virtual operator Cdiscount Mobile offers not one but three very attractive offers. Two are unconditional with a fixed price that does not increase even after the first year, and one is for sale for a period of 12 months.

This is one of the strong arguments of Cdiscount Mobile: the MNVO has more than one string to its bow and thus can meet the needs of all users. As a reminder or for information, the latter is based on the network of the incumbent operator Bouygues Telecom. In this way, you can offer your customers excellent network quality and coverage that covers almost the entire French territory.

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To move on to mobile plans, we therefore have for those that are valid for life: 20 GB at 5.99 euros and 120 GB at only 9.99 euros. The other offer is interesting in the short term and allows you to take advantage of a 40 GB package at 4.99 euros for a year (then 9.99 euros beyond).

120 GB at 9.99 euros, the best mobile plan of the moment

Depending on your needs, you can freely choose one of the packages presented above. That said, from the point of view of the relationship between the quantity and the price of the Internet, there is simply no better than the offer of 120 GB at 9.99 euros. Indeed, for 4 euros more than the formula of 20 GB at 5.99 euros, you benefit from 100 GB of additional data.

If you feel that 20 GB is not enough, then it is clearly this package that we recommend you turn to. In addition, whoever you choose, will accompany you in France but also abroad. Understand from this that you benefit from calls/SMS/MMS as in mainland France from 38 destinations included, including 30 destinations in Europe (27 EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and 8 destinations abroad.

Regarding the Internet envelope usable from the European Union and the overseas departments, it is respectively 9 GB and 13 GB for the 20 GB and 120 GB packages. Regarding the 40 GB package, you are entitled to 9 GB. Which is in general, whatever the formula, quite satisfactory and very practical if you go on vacation abroad this summer or if you have to travel for work.

June 16 Update : 40 GB package at €4.99 is no longer available

In detail, here are the three Cdiscount Mobile plans at the moment:

  • 20 GB package (+9 GB EU and DOM) at €5.99 valid for life
  • 40GB bundle (+9GB EU & DOM) at €4.99 for 12 months then €9.99 beyond
  • 120 GB package (+13 GB EU and DOM) at €9.99 valid for life

As for the triple cut SIM card, compatible with all mobile phones on the market, you will be charged 10 euros for it, which you must pay when you sign up. It will be sent to you within 48 hours. These are the only costs you will have to pay to open your new line on Cdiscount Mobile.

How to change operator?

If you come from another operator, you can of course keep your phone number. Could not been more easy. When registering, you must fill in your RIO number. The latter usually consists of 12 characters (letters and numbers) and your telecommunications subscriber ID.

To obtain it, dial 3179 from your current mobile. Once in your possession, it will allow you to keep your current number and terminate your contract with your mobile telephone operator. In addition to being free, the process is very simple and only takes 2 minutes, clock in hand.

the mobile plans offered by Cdiscount Mobile are very advantageous, both from the point of view of price and quality. With its three formulas, the MNVO has different options to reach and satisfy as many users as possible. Whether it’s heavy internet users, avid streaming video users, people who rarely surf the net or check their email every day, there really is something for everyone and every budget.

In the battle between the operators, Cdiscount certainly scores points with this highlight ahead of the summer sales. By offering solutions that suit everyone, it not only enables significant savings, but also offers the quality of the Bouygues Telecom network, which remains one of the best incumbent operators on the market in terms of network quality. its wide coverage.

As you may have understood, it is therefore the ideal time to change operator for those who are tired of paying more or who are not satisfied with their current offer. If you want to benefit from this good Cdiscount Móvil plan, you won’t have to wait too long since, as a reminder, it is valid for a few more days, until June 21. After that, it will be too late!

To access Cdiscount Mobile plans, go here:

See Cdiscount Mobile plans

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