15 ice cream and sorbet recipes to make without an ice cream maker

[VAGUE DE CHALEUR] The higher the temperatures, the more you crave ice cream or sorbet. To face the heat wave, here are 12 recipes for homemade ice cream and sorbets to make at home this weekend, without the need for a fridge.

Homemade ice cream or sorbets without a refrigerator : easy ! Let the ice cream rest for 3 to 4 hours in the freezer, stirring the preparation every 45 minutes with a fork, to break up the ice crystals. Same goes for sherbet, but stir every 30 minutes and after 2 hours and 30 minutes, it should be done.

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Tasting tips

  • Before testing, run hot water over the popsicle molds for a few seconds to help loosen them.
  • Don’t keep homemade ice cream for too long because it freezes and hardens. Prepare it first thing in the afternoon. for dinner, for example.
  • Of course, all of these recipes can be made with an ice cream maker, if you have one. Just pour the preparation in the tank of the device that generates the cold and turn it on until the mixture freezes.

2 variations for homemade ice cream sticks

  • Milk chocolate coating and Puffed Rice: Dip your popsicles in melted pastry-grade milk chocolate (for easy melting), then into puffed rice (or quinoa!) balls.
  • almond glaze : brown some slivered almonds in a non-stick pan and sprinkle over popsicles after coating with melted chocolate

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