a solar sancerre and chicken supreme from Akrame Benallal

The wine: Sébastien Riffault – Akmèniné 2017

sancerrethe loire valley
Price: €24

A sancerremountainous appellation Loire alternating limestone, calcareous and flint soils, the wines have long been discredited for their simplicity or austerity. It seems that today is dawning a new day for these wines, now praised for their dynamism, freshness and fair maturity. Sébastien Riffault, one of the leaders of the naturalist movement in Sancerre, offers wines that certainly go beyond what we are used to tasting in this appellation, but that have the merit of being unique in their genre. Following in the footsteps of his friend Alexandre Bain, oenologist at pouilly smoke who also fights for a cleaner land and a virtuous viticulture, Sébastien works his soils on horseback, in biodynamics, without any chemistry in the vineyard and in the cellar. For these Sancerres to be so special, he favors harvests at full maturity, with bunches partially affected by botrytis. His Akmèniné cuvée, which means “made of stones” in Lithuanian, named after his companion, exudes a certain exoticism that cannot be attributed to the climate of Sancerre. And for good reason, he comes from Sauvignon About thirty years old, from a “golden” harvest, of which half the grapes were botrytised. Its sensual bouquet of dried fruit and toasted fruit is almost like that of a yellow wine. But very quickly, its minerality and lively freshness typical of Sancerre invite the palate, arriving at the right time to choose this yellow free-range chicken with a strong character.

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The Recipe: Free Range Yellow Chicken Supreme, Akrame Benallal Dauphine Potatoes

Akrame Benallal, born in Oran, saw his love for cooking grow in Algeria with his mother, an excellent cook. For him, cooking is closely linked to sharing. In his kitchen, the chef immerses himself in his North African culture, where gathering around a good table is the spice of family life. Today, he is in charge of the Akrame galaxy, which has four Parisian addresses. Le Shirvan, a “métis café” with fragrant and spicy cuisine, two Vivanda Burgers dedicated to street food, and his Michelin-starred restaurant, Akrame, rue Tronchet (8), where he crafts a unique menu based on seasonal produce he finds in the market. “My inspirations come from everywhere, from an encounter, a conversation, a work of art. I like it when people tell me that my plates have a signature, an identity. Taking into account that the kitchen must on the one hand favor taste, on the other hand do good, have a comforting power“. Here he honors free-range yellow free-range chicken, which he decorates with some delicious homemade dauphine potatoes, to try at home and celebrate a happy Sunday lunch.

Find here the ingredients to put in your shopping bag and the complete recipe for free-range yellow chicken supreme, dauphine potatoes Akrame Benallal (reserved for subscribers)

For dessert, to finish your drink: baked apples with dried fruit crunch

Baked apples with crunchy nuts
To honor the last drink of this sancerre – that only wears out if you work hard – comforting roasted apples accompanied by nuts, as delicious as our cuvée.

Find here the recipe in free access on the Madame Figaro website

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