“Aren’t you ashamed?” : the very upset fans against the France team

Through a series of messages published on social networks, the group of supporters “Les Irrésistibles français” expressed their anger and deplored the attitude of the players of the French soccer team after the four Nations League games.

The French team had a complicated rally. With two draws and two defeats in the four Nations League games scheduled for the first half of this month of June, the Blues can no longer boast of defending their title in the competition and doubts accumulate five months after the coup World. Cup to Qatar. But that is not all. They also lost some of the love from their loyal ‘French Irresistibles’ fans.

Created 20 years ago, the historic group of France national team supporters expressed their anger on social media by pointing a finger at the attitude of Didier Deschamps’ men. The tricolor fans especially criticize the players for not coming to greet them and thank them for their support after Monday night’s defeat against Croatia at the Stade de France (0-1).

“Losing is acceptable, disrespect is not. Happy holidays players…” the group of supporters posted on Twitter moments after the final whistle before responding to a tweet from the France team. “Aren’t you ashamed? Only Kimpembe, Rabiot, Coman, Griezmann, Pavard and Lloris had a minimum of respect. The others, only contempt”, lamented the fans, who did not stop encouraging Hugo Lloris’s teammates either in the Stade de France against Danes (1-2) and Croats (0-1), as in Croatia (1-1). ) and Austria (1-1) despite disappointing results.

The president of the supporters club, Hervé Mougin, also strongly regretted this lack of consideration despite his unconditional support. “Only 5 players who timidly come to greet a crowd that has never let them go for 4 games… it is much sadder than 2 points out of 12, by far!” He posted on his personal account.

He was imitated by Anne Costes, travel manager of the “Irresistibles Français”, who encouraged the France national team players to take an example from their opponents. “Out of the game, the blues would do well to take inspiration from their opponents to greet their supporters! 4 games and the blues never came close to us. Look at the Danes, the Croats or the Austrians…” she implored.

It remains to be seen if the message will have been heard by the Blues who face Austria at the Stade de France on September 22 before moving three days later to Denmark. With the support of the “French Irresistibles”?

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