Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 Live Recap: F2P, PvP, Seasons, PvE, Beta, and Junker Queen – Overwatch

Blizzard has shared more details about surveillance 2 during a live that ended a few moments ago. Among the topics covered, the transition to Free To Play, PvP, Seasons, PvE, the next phase of Closed Beta and Queen of Junkers. Find all the most important information below!

free to play

  • surveillance 2 arrive the 4th of October while Free To Play gaming service.
  • Blizzard wants players to enjoy the game for next years were always something to do.
  • In recent years, developers have not provided enough content to players, which will not be This is no longer the case.
  • new content will come every 9 weeks with the Seasons.
  • Season 1 starts on 4th of October with three new heroes (Stay, Queen of Junkers and Support), six new cardsthe push modeof new cosmetics accessible through the Store and Battle Pass, and weekly challenges.
  • Season 2 will start on 6th of December and more content will come throughout 2023.
  • It is also in 2023 that pve reach.
  • The F2P model has A lot of advantages. Supervision is a social game and business model change easy access To the title. the universe Supervision is a place for all players.


  • PvP is the center of the experienceSupervision. For surveillance 2the way has been completely overhauled.
  • The game goes from 6v6 to 5v5the balance exchangethe identity of the characters is the samebut this have a new angle.
  • many changes also for maps, such as the introduction of the periods of the day.
  • Blizzard has made improvements following feedback during the Beta and will also do it with this one.
  • A board is punctuation has been addedgame history is reviewed, the classification system It is also.
  • Push mode is a new fashion which takes place in new maps.
  • Of many improvements have been done to the engineSupervision. The world is much more immersive.
  • As for the audio, the team also reviewed all effectsY Supervision is now supported new features. There are new threads among the heroes, and this is not only the beginning.


  • new content will come frequently. heroes and cards in alternation every season.
  • The players will know what happens. in advance.
  • Disappearance Loot chests. A store and battle pass system will be presented so that the players have more control on your purchases.
  • Two stands and one tank They are provided for the first seasons.
  • There will be characters who have a Already seenas good as another brand new.
  • there are many sides Science fiction on new maps.
  • River arrived. a located map in Portugal also in mode Push.
  • There are new rewardssince charmssince banners. There are mythical apparitions, customizableto be added through the seasons.
  • the game will have always something newat once in PvP and PvE.


  • pve deepen the story ofSupervision more and it will come in 2023 through the game service.
  • Some seasons will pve mapswhere you will face Sector Zero.
  • the history tells the meeting heroes ofSupervision, The origins of some heroes.

closed beta

  • Beta will be available on PC and Console. This adds Rivera hybrid cardand the Queen of the Junkers.

Queen of the Junkers

  • Players await the Queen of the Junkers for a long time.
  • Jackal and Chopper have been excluded of Junktertown, and it is the Queen of Junkers who is behind this decision.
  • It’s a aggressive tank. she is armed of an axand this is used in many of his skills.
  • Do you have a rotary attack with the sword as alternating fire. Is get back to you after your release.
  • With Rampage, you run towards enemies. in a devastating attack. Hit heroes cannot no longer be served.
  • she does not not always been the queen of the city. her story is very interesting.
  • surveillance 2 will progress the history of the world.
  • She has has always been developed with 5v5 in mind. She has a Command Yell that speed boostvarious weapons that throws the opponents. She is very dangerous close up.
  • His short film focuses on his story. before becoming queen.



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