Diablo 4: Redemption for Blizzard after the highly criticized Diablo Immortal?

Diablo 4 was the subject of a lengthy presentation during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. The least we can say is that this new episode has convinced the fans. Blizzard took the opportunity to restore the image of the franchise after the stormy release on mobile and PC of the highly criticized Diablo Immortal. Is this the redemption of the saga?


  • a premium adventure
  • A legitimate sequel
  • Pure devil juice
  • the hero’s path
  • A true MMO

a premium adventure

immortal devil, the spin-off of the famous Blizzard Entertainment saga, has been available on mobile and PC since June 2, 2022, and the reception by players and the press has been cold, if not icy. Nevertheless, this Hack ‘n’ Slash fuses the best of devil ii Y Devil III, that is, an artistic direction with “dark” tones and a nervous game. Blizzard’s title also shows great generosity with no less than 30 hours of play before seeing the limits of a system based on… tune!

You guessed it. Diablo Immortal’s business model is a source of anger among gamers, and they are publicizing it by practicing review bombing. Simply put, players express their discontent by assigning a very low rating. The iOS version of Diablo Immortal boasts a scathing “User Score” of 0.5/10 on MetaCritic. It is even worse on PC, where the user rating does not exceed 0.2/10. It must be said that the economic model of Diablo Immortal is especially aggressive. According to content creator Bellular News, you would have to spend the “modest” sum of $110,000 just to max out your character.

Unexpectedly, the Diablo community fell head over heels for the spin-off, and rightfully so, despite the obvious playable qualities. What about Diablo IV? Will the next main episode go the way of Immortal? The answer is no. Diablo 4 will be out of print and releasing in 2023 on PC and consoles with a ton of content expected. Blizzard Entertainment is even considering expansions. These are the comments posted on Twitter by Adam Fletcher, Global Community Leader on the Diablo series:

Diablo 4 launches at the price of a full video game developed solely for PC and consoles. The game content is extensive and there will be tons of post-launch content for all players. Paid content will be reserved for optional cosmetic items and full expansions. More information to come soon!

A legitimate sequel

Diablo IV is the direct sequel to Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and actually takes place after the events of the last main episode. The world of Sanctuary lives in relative peace, attributed to the Black Soulstone shards, as life resumes its course. However, the power-seeking cultists summon Mephisto’s daughter. Lilith, already seen in Diablo II, thus becomes the main antagonist of this new episode. His presence, even lurking in the shadows, darkens the hearts of the beings that inhabit the realm. Faced with the return of darkness, a chosen handful take up arms to fight this new threat.

These heroes stand out for their angelic-demonic affiliation. Indeed, These warriors destined to protect the kingdom are the Nephalem, a powerful race born from the relationship between the angel Inarius and the demon Lilith. These two all-powerful entities behind the creation of the Sanctuary Realm have come into conflict in the past. Seeing her children threatened by her, Lilith attempted to destroy her opponents… forcing Inarius to banish her to the void. Mephisto’s daughter is back.

As Diablo Immortal strives to fill in the remaining gaps in the Diablo saga timeline and shed new light on the period between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III, Diablo IV continues the story of Sanctuary and opens an entirely new, more grounded chapter of nephalem life.these legendary beings dedicated to defending the realm against the threat posed by their demonic offspring.

Diablo 4: Redemption for Blizzard after the highly criticized Diablo Immortal?

Pure devil juice

Diablo is the perfect marriage of intense action sequences and complex RPG mechanics. Diablo IV promises to be all this and more. Blizzard Entertainment does not seem to want to distort the formula, on the contrary, but to refine it, enrich it. We’ll come back to what’s new in Diablo IV a little later. Let’s focus for the moment on what constitutes the DNA of the franchise. Make no mistake about it, Diablo 4 is indeed a Hack ‘n’ Slash in the purest tradition. Whether in terms of its gameplay and narrative structures, the spawning of avatars, and of course the loot, this new episode encompasses the vision of its predecessors.

Scripted campaign level, the return of Lilith does not bode well for our heroes. Blizzard Entertainment artists have always been able to highlight their universe through impressive cinematics, and the opposite would be surprising in Diablo, fourth of the name. As for the fights, fans of epic games will be catered for. From what we’ve seen, the bestiary looks varied and particularly tough. Your skills as a warrior and tactician, as well as your deep desire to survive, may be put to the test. For the more adventurous, End Game, essential in the series, promises to be as extensive and epic as the main adventure.

Let’s talk a bit about the visual aspect of Diablo IV. After surprising fans with an art direction that fans called “too” colorful in Diablo III, Blizzard artists have darkened everything slightly in Diablo Immortal. Diablo IV goes back to the source… Diablo II and its Dark Fantasy-inspired graphics. The fans demanded a gothic and mature universe. One thing is for sure, your complaints have been heard. Diablo IV is “finally” joining the dark side, and it’s not to disappoint us.

Diablo 4: Redemption for Blizzard after the highly criticized Diablo Immortal?

the hero’s path

Diablo IV is kitted out at launch, scheduled as a reminder during the first half of 2023, with five classes. The Witch, the Druid, the Barbarian and the Thief are joined by the Necromancer. The announcement was made during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022. Five classes therefore for five very different destinations, because in Diablo the path matters as much as the destination. The adventure begins with the selection of an archetype among those just mentioned. Already present in one or more Diablo games, these classes will of course be reworked by Blizzard.

Cast spells, summon creatures and curses, let your omnipotence do the talking in close combat, attack from a distance, or even transform into an animal… the choice is yours. It is understood, the customization of the hero or heroine and their rise in power are at the heart of the experience invented by Blizzard Entertainment. According to the developers, the RPG dimension has never been so “absolute”. Now it is possible to create your character and modify its aesthetics through numerous options. Loot, which is always so central and probably generous, determines the play styles adopted by the heroes of the realm of Sanctuary.

Diablo 4: Redemption for Blizzard after the highly criticized Diablo Immortal?

A true MMO

All Diablo-branded games are structured around a central hub, rifts, and a series of semi-open areas to explore. For the first time in its history, Blizzard’s saga breaks down the walls of its universe and gives players an open world to explore depending on the missions… or not for that matter. Adventurers are invited to liberate territories, participate in random events, traverse over 150 dungeons, and discover the mysteries of the Sanctuary realm. Another good news and no less important, Diablo 4 is fully playable with 1 to 4 players online.and the multiplayer dimension doesn’t stop there.

This Hack ‘n’ Slash is crossplay Y cross save. Understand here that you can play between PC and console players and that your progress carries over from one platform to another. Additionally, Blizzard Entertainment is doubling down on integrating world boss and other world events. All players on the server are invited to join the area and massively cooperate to defeat giant monsters together. Sanctuary becomes here a shared world where are the players Diablo IV becomes social experiment complete.

To this is added the creation of clans, a classification system and above all the player vs player. By eliminating other players, the hero in question gains the title of Champion and, in effect, becomes a target to beat for everyone on the server. And as if that weren’t enough, the title is playable for two locally, only on home consoles. Building on the experience gained in Diablo Immortal, Blizzard Entertainment is pushing the MMO (for Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming) aspect even further with Diablo IV.

Diablo IV will be released in 2023 on PC and home consoles and could well mark a return to grace for the Blizzard saga.

Diablo 4: Redemption for Blizzard after the highly criticized Diablo Immortal?

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