Fixed gaming PC: the price of this monster with RTX 3080 plummets several hundred euros

news good deal Fixed gaming PC: the price of this monster with RTX 3080 plummets several hundred euros

Big surprise of the devil vauvert! Infomax, the store specializing in the creation of game configurations, is currently offering a configuration that concentrates many quality components for flash sale. But the best part is that you lose €200! A blessing for all those who want to get started in PC gaming!

Flash offer at Infomax: a fixed gaming PC with an RTX 3080 loses €200!

Infomax is a store that specializes in the sale of products and equipment for games. At the moment, the store offers many discounts through its flash sales. And there we have a fixed PC that is shown to be less than €1600 and with a very nice configuration! We can only encourage you to start.

Buy the Red Queen fixed PC at €1,599 at Infomax

The PC world has gone through difficult times in recent years with the various lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the shortage of components, and in particular of semiconductors, we can say that it was not easy to get a configuration on the fly.

But, times are now more forgiving and it is now possible to be able to invest in PC components more easily.

However, it is still expensive to afford certain configurations. This is where Infomax is strong in making this fixed PC lose €200, which has components that are more than relevant for the current era!

The Red Queen – a desktop setup to lose your mind!

Let’s break the ice right away by putting the different elements that make up this PC:

  • Case: MSI Gungnir 110R ARGB (4 built-in fans)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-12400F (2.5/4.4GHz 6c/12t)
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte B660M DS3H DDR4
  • Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2×8 3000Mhz
  • Cooling / Water cooling: Antec A400 RGB (Recommended for i5, Ryzen 5)
  • Thermal paste: Thermal paste provided by cooling
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB
  • System Disk: Western Digital SN570 500GB NVME
  • Power Supply: FSP Hyper Pro 700W 80 Plus

First noteworthy thing: we are faced with a configuration that does not contain any unknown components. In fact, there are reference marks on each of the components. This means there’s no risk of falling for a generic brand that doesn’t have what it takes to sustain the power of this PC.

Then, when we go into details, we can notice that this PC is designed to develop writing power that claims to be fast and efficient. SSD in storage, 16GB of RAM, a recent processor.

And this is the other important aspect of this machine: it is very scalable. It already has what it takes to rely on a latest generation processor from Intel, the 12th. And what’s more, this configuration is made in such a way that it can accommodate the next generation, the 13th, which is announced for the end of the year.

Everything is offered with a discount that lowers its price below €1,600. When we know that the smallest PC currently with an RTX 3080 is offered from € 1,800, we know that we are in a good first plan.

Note: There is a configurator below the offer, which means if you want to add an SSD or HDD, it’s easy!

Buy the Red Queen fixed PC at €1,599 at Infomax

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