Heat wave: 12 recipes to quench thirst while…

[VAGUE DE CHALEUR] If during a heat wave, our body reminds us to drink water, we may also want to add a little energy, for fun! Discover in this slideshow 15 fruity drink recipes that will make your glass of water more attractive.

To compensate for water losses due to perspiration, breath, urine and feces, we normally need to drink at least 1 liter to 1.5 liters of water, to which water from foods such as fruits and vegetables is added. But when it gets really hot, as is the case everywhere in France this week, you need to add an extra 500ml of water, or even more. as soon as the temperature exceeds 38°.

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Hot weather: why should you drink more than usual?

If we don’t drink enough, our metabolism will start to slow down. Apart from some symptoms like headaches, fatigue and dry skin, some bodily functions will be affected. Discover here in infographic againstWhat does a lack of water do to your body?.

Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink because when you feel thirsty, our body has already lost between 1 and 2% of its weight in water. So to encourage you to drink more than usual on these hot days, here are some easy-to-prepare recipes that also have a summer flavor.

  • If you are a parent: Offer your children to drink fresh water at least every hour, and at night when they wake up. If your diet is diversified, favor foods rich in water (fresh fruits and vegetables, compotes, dairy products, etc.).
  • If you are an older person : consume at least the equivalent of eight glasses a day (ie, 800 ml), ideally a daily consumption of thirteen to fourteen glasses. It is possible to combine water with syrup or even drink gazpachos or cold soups.
  • if you have a pet : Make sure you always have something to drink and can protect yourself from the sun. Faced with a high temperature, animals are also sensitive.

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