Labor shortage: Adecco hires without a resume

Recruiters are looking for new solutions to attract candidates. Thus, Adecco, through its subsidiary Qapa, now offers young people the opportunity to apply without going through the traditional curriculum.

No sector escapes labor shortage: hospitality, health, airline or even logistics. A third of the offers do not find takers in certain sectors, it is even half.

In this context, explains Alexandre Viros, head of Adecco, it is urgent to dust off the hiring methods.

“Given the tension we have in the market, if we get obsessed with CV and if we just get people to do what we want them to do as long as they’ve done it before, we’re not going to make it,” he said. she said.

“If we are obsessed with the CV we will not achieve it”

Hence the idea of ​​allowing young people, through Qapa, to set up acquired by Adecco last year, to apply without a CV and therefore in a much simpler way.

“I am a young person, I register, I say two or three things about myself, possibly I can make a video. I say where I am looking and in what type of sector or profession I want to position myself. Then the recruiters will have access to this database and see if that person is compatible with this or that company”, explains Alexandre Viros.

Will the resume finally disappear? In any case, Adecco is not the first to try the experiment.

Several Pôle Emploi agencies are also testing new recruitment methods without a CV, with simulation exercises for candidates instead. Ikea, Auchan or even Leclerc were convinced.

Sure Now-PoleEmploithe candidate selects his search criteria, his availability, his skills and obtains an immediate match of the positions that correspond to him (essentially jobs under pressure).

job center too

More recently, we have seen the emergence of workstations in shopping malls, train stations, and post offices. HucLink who intend to “break the hiring codes”. Here again, the goal is to go fast by applying in two minutes for a job offer without a resume or cover letter.

The initiatives can come from the companies themselves. In the field of energy transition, Viveo hires without a resume and asks instead for a short presentation and a motivational video.

In home help, currently very labour-intensive, the Canopée group relies on the audio job search platform of Gotaf where resumes and job offers drop vocally for equally vocal posts.

On the other hand, employers are reluctant to take up managerial positions, where the resume remains essential for the time being. Even if there again, in the face of shortages, the lines are moving.

In the executives, the lines move

Indeed Hub Recruitment created by the online employment specialist.

It is a paid turnkey recruitment solution that ranges from the pre-selection of candidates to the interview by videoconference. For the employer, everything is automated, for the candidate, “it is no longer necessary to send a CV or a cover letter. Only the answers to a short pre-selection questionnaire are required for a calm interview”, you explain.

Questioned by BFM Business a few months ago, Matthieu Eloy, CEO of Indeed France, says that this approach is increasingly successful “for companies that have high-volume hires or for SMEs that need to go fast.”

“There is a real change in behavior on the part of recruiters in the face of the shortage of jobs, continues the manager. Do not forget that the HRD spends 80% of its time sorting resumes after a job offer. It is stifled. , miss profiles that could be interesting”.

Caroline Morisseau and Olivier Chicheportiche

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