“Let me call him f ***”: Khloé Kardashian breaks down to discover that Tristan has cheated on her (again) and that he is having a child with another

The time has come for fans to see how khloe kardashians achieved the discovery of Tristan Thompson cheating on her with marlee Nicholas. In the season finale episode of “The kardashian” sure Hulukim kardashians announced to his sister that Tristán is going to have a child with another woman, an episode in which he admitted having slept with Nicholas around his 30th birthday.

Let me call him. I can not believe it. I just want the truth“, has said khloe to Kim on the phone before collapsing.

Everything will be alright no matter what“, he assured his sister KimEverything will be fine. We really believed that he had changed since I was his biggest supporter, but if that’s not the clearest situation, I don’t know what is..

khloe37, said in a confessional that she “discovered it with the rest of the world” and has blamed tristan ThompsonWho do you share your daughter with? Realfor disrespecting him and turning their relationship into “a lie“.

I feel like I’m not really in my body, that these things are happening and I’m just suffering the consequences.“, she said, “but when things happen to you multiple times, you become immune to them, which is really sad..

The co-founder of Okay American he went on to explain to a producer of Hulu that there is not onlyone thing hurts more than the otherbecause ‘everything’ the 31-year-old athlete did was an ‘act of treason’.

All is a lie. It’s all manipulation. it’s cheating Tristan had every opportunity to tell me? Yes. Tristan was goingTell me if there was no baby involved? Absolutely not, and that says a lot about his character.“, has declared khloe.

khloe told Kendall Jenner for face time that she thinks there probably is”a dozen other situations“.

khloe he said the announcement caused him so much anxiety that he became dehydrated to the point of “passing out” at one point and was prescribed medication to control the situation.I feel incredibly abandoned“, she said.

In 2018, Thompson has already cheated khloe with an Instagram model while pregnant with her daughter Realnow 4 years old. She forgave him at the time, but in 2019 he was embroiled in another cheating scandal, this time with Kylie Jenner’s ex-best friend, jordyn Forest. After, Thompson was again accused of cheating khloe with model Sydney Chase in January 2021.

Earlier this season of “The kardashian“, khloe revealed that the couple got back together just before Travis proposed to her crier a Kourtney kardashians in October 2021.

We are making progress. We just got back together. He went to therapy. It took a lot of effort on their part.”she said, adding:When We broke up, I learned how well he and I get along and what good friends we are and what good partners we are and I have a lot of hope and faith and optimism for our future together.

The new paternity scandal broke a few months later, in December 2021.

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