Lidl in trouble for inflation: the brand announces very bad news

Inflation has been present almost everywhere in France for several weeks. For dealers and consumers, this is a very difficult time. Among the most affected brands is Lidl. During his speech, his president, Michel Biéro, said that he had to take drastic measures. He finds out all the details.

Michel Biéro spoke about the situation

If Lidl continues to satisfy consumers with their preferred products and its prices defy all competition, the brand will face some worries right now. This is at least what its president Michel Biéro confided during his speech.

The latter reported on the current situation in France. In fact, due to the war in Ukraine, food is beginning to run out in almost the entire country and in Europe. Distributors are therefore in a delicate position and must multiply seduction operations to attract consumers.

For its part, the German brand had already had a similar experience during the 2021 Christmas holidays. It faced a duck shortage caused by avian flu. According to President Michel Biéro, the same could breed during the holiday season of 2022.

Forced to take drastic measures

For the president of Lidl, the occurrence of shortages will depend mainly on the behavior of the French. Indeed, the same situation has already occurred before confinement. As the health crisis began to hit the country, consumers immediately began stocking up on multi-month supplies. A reflection unexplained that led to shortages.

So, to prevent the same thing from happening again, Michel Biéro plans to take drastic measures. For example, consumer rationing of certain food products will be implemented. In this way, the president of the cartel hopes to delay the depletion of stocks as much as possible.

A price reduction operation

Inflation has been hitting France for several weeks. And like most brands, Lidl never stops doing what it takes to keep its customers. Recently, it launched a very beneficial special operation for consumers: 5% discount on the entire Lidl store.

To benefit from it, the customer simply has to swipe the activated coupon from the Lidl Plus app at checkout. Keep in mind that this discount is only valid in physical stores, and only from €50 of purchase. In addition, the client can only use it once a month. To make the most of the opportunity, the trick is to use the reduction during the big races of the month.

Retail against inflation

Inflation has been present in France for many weeks. This is the reason why food gradually begins to run out. If consumers are forced to tighten their belts, large distribution is the one that suffers the most. Indeed, brands are forced to implement various techniques and lower prices to retain customers. In addition to the 5% monthly reduction at Lidl, there are also adjusted prices at Carrefour, the anti-inflationary shield at Leclerc, and fuel at 0.85 euros at Casino.

Plus, even if inflation is raging, some dealers somehow manage to get by. This is the case of Casino, for example, which performed well in May, gaining 0.3 point of market share. Like her, Leclerc has also progressed. The brand registered a gain of 0.2 points during the month of May. This is largely due to its good price image, since its owner, very present in the media, does not miss an opportunity to praise its “anti-inflationary shield”..

As far as Lidl is concerned, well, the brand dropped during the month of May. It registered a loss of 0.1 points. The reason for this decrease is that it had to increase its prices considerably. It should be noted that it is mainly the brands that have few national brands Who are the most affected by inflation.

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