Mass recall in France: do not consume these products at risk of contamination with E. Coli bacteria, these are yogurts

This Monday, June 13, the Rappel conso government site had mentioned some products that would be contaminated with this bacterium. Malo yogurts were part of it, particularly the natural ranges, whole milk taste raspberry and grenadine. These products that are suspected of being contaminated with E. Coli bacteria should not be consumed at all. They must be destroyed immediately..

Poisoning risks

The product recall was followed by an explanation. Both Escherichia Coli and Salmonella are pathogenic bacteria that cause digestive and intestinal disorders in the patient. According to what the government site had written about E. Coli bacteria, those who have consumed a product contaminated by the latter should consult their doctor without delay. It is imperative to report the consumption and the nature of the contaminating germ..

E. Coli bacteria cause “gastroenteritis marked by abdominal pain and diarrhea (possibly accompanied by blood), with or without fever,” the recall announcement read. These symptoms can appear within three days. Next consumption. If none of these symptoms appear after 10 days, it means that there is no longer a risk. However, it is important to know that this bacteria is dangerous.

Although some people are not particularly affected by this bacteria, E. coli can cause serious complications, especially in children. In case of possession of any of the products that will be mentioned below, throwing it away will be the best option to avoid taking any risk. As a reminder, a strain of this same bacteria group has already killed two children, so it’s best to be careful.

The products in question

It is dairy products that are found en masse in the case of contamination caused by the bacteria E. Coli. These are the MALO brand yogurt series mentioned in the recall published on June 13.

The Malo yogurt series in the natural range is on sale from June 9 and consume until July 11, 2022. Cardboard boats (4x125g) with reference GTIN 3278692111142.

Whole milk grenadine flavor yogurts sold from June 9 and to be consumed before July 22, 2022. Glass jars (4x125g) with reference GTIN 3278692363339.

And lastly, the Malo raspberry flavor whole milk yogurt, which has been on the market since June 10, whose shelf life will end on July 12, 2022. The product is marketed in small cardboard jars (4x125g) with the reference GTIN 3278692420025 .

These products have been marketed throughout France and must be destroyed immediately.

Product Recall: General Precautions

This bacterium is generally found in the intestine of cattle. Any type of product from an infected animal will also become infected. This may relate to dairy products or deli meats. The spread of the bacteria can eventually infect fruits or vegetables. If the food verification system Present breakdowns and that generates these reminders of consumption that have become quite frequent, it is best that you take your precautions.

For E. Coli bacteria, pasteurization and proper cooking are the best steps to take. In the case of meat, especially minced meat, cooking is essential to avoid contamination. Always wash fruits and vegetables well before preparing and eating them.

Raw milk and dairy products also pose a high risk for the presence of E. Coli bacteria. It would be better not to give it to young children, as well as vulnerable people such as pregnant women, the elderly, and people with a weak immune system. Cooked pressed cheeses, processed cheese spreads and pasteurized milk cheeses are those recommended by the Rappel conso site.

Since animals are the main carriers of these bacteria, keeping them out of pantries must be a reflex action. After any contact with an animal, always wash your hands. This gesture should also be automatic before preparing food or before eating. It not only prevents E. Coli bacteria, but also other bacteria that they can cause of illness.

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