PlayStation Plus TEST: furry retrogaming? Big catalogues? Attractive new service?

Sony Interactive Entertainment made a decision, to merge the PlayStation Plus what do we know with him playstation now. Thus, players can choose between 3 new subscriptions to quench their thirst for video games. To illustrate a little better, here are the various advantages of each offer to take into account:

  • Essential – €8.99 per month / €24.99 per quarter / €59.99 per year
    • PS5 and PS4 monthly games;
    • Access to online multiplayer mode;
    • Cloud storage;
    • Other small benefits (such as discounts, etc.).
  • Extra – €13.99 per month / €39.99 per quarter / €99.99 per year
    • All the benefits of the Essential subscription;
    • Catalog of PS5 and PS4 games.
  • Premium – €16.99 per month / €49.99 per quarter / €119.99 per year
    • All the benefits of the Essential and Extra subscriptions;
    • Catalog of PlayStation, PS2, PS3 and PSP Remasters;
    • PS3 game streaming;
    • Limited time trial versions.

In Japan, this new universe has been available for a while, we took out a subscription Premium to give you our impressions. Interesting ? Should we succumb? and what is it worth retrogaming ? Let’s look at these questions!

Let’s start with the obvious: the presentation of the service. First of all, Sony highlights the titles of the moment to guide the player towards the pearls that should not be missed; especially AAA of game station under the spotlight. Next, we have categories in the form of boxes to target specific content. For example, “Catalogue”, which groups PS4 and PS5 versions of various licenses. Big black dot, it’s all mixed up and it is not possible to order by platform. So if we’re just looking for productions new generation, you have to scroll through a complete list of games; it is somewhat tedious.

We have another corner also called… “Catalogue”, which exhibits other categories where everything is separated by gender with large, clearly visible and understandable icons. “Genre”, “Must Play”, “PSone, PS2, PSP”, “PS3” and even “Ubisoft+ Classics”, is accessible, clear, consistentwe don’t understand why mr s did not use this section as the main interface. Lastly, we have quick access to “Classics”, “Demos”, “Streaming Games” and “Monthly Games”. All these branches give a little headache, the Japanese giant should have offered something more refined and intelligible. The appearance will undoubtedly change over the months to bring a little more clarity.

PlayStation Plus Test Image (8) PlayStation Plus Test Image (9)

One of the most frequently asked questions: is there a great game you can sink your teeth into? The answer is yes. Whether you have a PS5 or a PS4 at home, you can have fun with little bombs like the souls of the devil, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy, Ghost of Tsushimato them Spiderman, death stranding and we move on. Something more than pleasant, the genres are varied. There are adventure, action, sports, fighting games, racing, independent, crazy, psychedelic… In other words, there is something to do to relax your neurons a bit and escape. The selection is not bad, great classics lurk, it is a delight.

There is much to do to relax the neurons a bit and escape.

However, it should be remembered that not all productions are eternal and that they can be removed from the catalog overnight; unlike the monthly games left in our Library. Just to be clear, make the most of them while they are available.. Also, there is no game. Day one at service. Sony Interactive Entertainment was clear on the subject, but promises anyway, and from time to time, to add a title to your output in the PlayStation Plus ; as was the case with Destruction All Stars or soon will be with lostComing July 19, 2022. Bottom line, sadly, great experiences won’t come immediately for subscribers.

As for the old titles, it’s catastrophic. The list is thin and ridiculous for a release. PS2 games can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and the PSP and PSone have nothing to get excited about. The choice of titles is laughable, it’s as if game station he had forgotten that he had in his bag video game masterpieces that marked generations. He is heavy from the beginning, and not toy story 2 either IQ. you had to put tekken 3 instead of 2, send the solid metal gearto them Final Fantasyto them tomb Raiderto them MediEvilto them grand tourerto them God of Wargames that we have already bought in the playstation store in a distant time.

It is true that you have to excite the consumer over the months, get them excited by adding some pearls of yesteryear, but 18 games just for starting a new service is a big NO. The firm could have prepared the ground, it’s a shame. As for the PS3, we find the catalog of the playstation now. The productions are varied, there is something to have fun. But then where does it crash? the transmissionbut we’ll come back to this a bit later…

The demos are interesting because they give us access to the full game, but we are limited in time. So we can start an adventure, enjoy it for long hours, until the counter reaches zero. Point to remember, we keep the trophies won, but also our saved game to resume our progress if we decide to purchase the full game.

PlayStation Plus Test Image (10) PlayStation Plus test image (1)

Let’s talk little, let’s talk well. Do PSone and PSP games work perfectly on our current consoles? To begin with, there are two versions available, PS5 or PS4, you decide. The difference ? On the one hand the resolution is 4K, on ​​the other 1080p. Next, machines automatically smooth textures to bring a nice clean image to the retina.

Convenient and efficient settings.

To give you an example, in tekken 2the characters are sharp and detailed. However, when a title shows a bit of 2D, the image is liquid, ghastly, and unreadable. Consider the case of Resident Evil Director’s Cut, the sets become a big pile of pixel porridge, while the protagonists are eye-catching. To solve this type of problem, the manufacturer has included an option that allows you to add a filter, “Classic Retro”, bringing scan lineschanging the colors and slightly blurring the image ; honestly, she feels fine.

In addition, it is possible to stretch the rendering so that everything fits perfectly on your TV, but we advise you to leave the basic aspect (the 4:3) to avoid distortions. Another nice feature is the ability to save anywhere and load your game at any time. Finally, we can go back. Are you dead and don’t want to start over? no panic, simply launch the appropriate option, choose a specific moment and continue your adventure. A comfortable and efficient environment; once tried, it is difficult to do without.

without and with filter

PlayStation Plus Review Image (5) PlayStation Plus Test Image (4) PlayStation Plus Review Image (7) PlayStation Plus Test Image (6)

PS2 games are not entitled to the same treatment. Thus, no visual options for smooth rendering, not even manual saving and no “rewind”. We have to settle for a simple emulator, which does not improve the graphics much, but still displays clean textures on the screen. It’s still OK overall, let’s just say we’re disappointed that we don’t have any additional parameters.

And the PS3? Well, as we told you before, it is transmission. Our machines require a good connection to play on the web. However, if your network is not stable, you will see poor rendering before your eyes. We tested everything in excellent condition, result? It’s blurry and there’s micro latency between when we press a key and the on-screen action. It’s frustrating. So it takes time to adjust for our reflexes to get used to, but avoid playing with productions that require a certain amount of skill, it could get on your nerves quickly. The ideal would have been, like the PSone, PSP and PS2, to install a title on the console to be able to enjoy it without any setbacks.

PS2 and PS3

PlayStation Plus Test Image (3) PlayStation Plus Test Image (11)

Even if the interface lacks clarity, the new PlayStation Plus overall it is excellent. The service is well stocked with PS4 and PS5 games, ideal for small budgets and allows you to discover pearls that you would never have bought. The catalog is well stocked, there is enough to spend hours and hours in front of your television.

PlayStation Plus 2 Test Image

So do you have to fall in love with subscription? Premium from now? Honestly no. The list of classic games is ridiculous and you don’t want to spend an extra euro on “that”. Where are the video game works that have made us vibrate and transport us to PSone, PS2 and PSP? Again, for a release, this is laughable; better wait for the list to grow before succumbing. So what ? We advise to fall into the subscription. Extra allowing you to get your hands on various productions (small and large) from PS4 and PS5. But the basics are good, you just have to Sony to purify everything and add pearls to convince the consumer a little more.

Note: We will update this test when the French service is available.

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The best

  • Ideal for small purses.
  • Merge PS + with PS Now, a good idea
  • A well-stocked catalog of PS4 and PS5
  • Additional settings for PSone and PSP
  • The arrival of PS2 games on PS5 and PS4
  • Full game demos

the least

  • No additional options for PS2 games
  • PS3 (and PS4) game streaming, not crazy
  • A catalog of classic laugh games for a release

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