Primary students upset by alcoholic tiramisu served in the canteen – Liberation

While they were preparing an “Italian” themed menu, the Grenoble schoolchildren had the unpleasant surprise this Friday of tasting a tiramisu drowned in Amaretto. Endowed with a particularly bitter taste and a degree of alcohol that did not delight its parents…

We remember the Tour de France judged “male and polluting” of the ecologist mayor of Lyon Grégory Doucet in 2020. Or that of Bordeaux, Pierre Hurmic, who removed the Christmas tree from his city, calling it “dead tree”. These controversies had led some to suggest that the Elected EELVs were pain-to-enjoy lore-haters. This week, the green council of Grenoble seems to be giving this idea some thought…

The canteens in the capital of Isère often offer themed menus to schoolchildren. This Friday, June 10, a 100% Italian meal was prepared for the children who attend kindergarten. So they were able to enjoy tomato mozzarella as a starter, followed by salmon conchiglie as a main course. The dessert, on the other hand, did not convince them and even aroused a deep disgust in them…

They were served a tiramisu with a particularly bitter taste. And for good reason: the producer of this transalpine specialty respected the traditional recipe so scrupulously that he incorporated a good dose of Amaretto. This almond liqueur, which usually has an alcohol content of almost 25º, is used to dip cookies with a spoon.

is supposed to contain “alcoholic extract”

the Dauphine Libere explain that the presence of alcohol in this dessert had been detected even before the meal by extracurricular agents. The latter would have immediately contacted the municipal services, which manage the collective catering to send them the information. Thus, the tiramisu could be removed from several canteens on the wire, but not all. Therefore, several stunned parents of students contacted the local newspaper to try to get an explanation.

The municipal services, contacted by the Dolphin, explained that these desserts should not contain alcohol but simply “alcoholic extract”. “Tiramisu was only replaced by a few kids, when it should have been replaced by everyone”continued the town hall managed by Éric Piolle before presenting “excuses”.

Could we see in this joke a tribute to a time, already past, when wine and beer were served in the canteen ? Until the 1950s, France was very attached to its wine tradition and to the “Benefits” alcohol for all did not hesitate to distribute it to schoolchildren at lunchtime. we will have to wait circular of August 8, 1956taken under the impulse of Pierre Mendès France so that this tradition is repealed. However, this new legislation only applies to children under the age of 14. It wasn’t until 1981 that alcoholic beverages were permanently banned from high schools.

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