Product Recall: A packaged salad infected with listeria, avoid eating!

France had been shaken a few months ago by a major scandal that had affected theBuitoni Pizza. These frozen pizzas that the public appreciated very much were, in fact, the cause of the death of two children. Several people had also become ill with more or less severe symptoms depending on the amounts they had ingested. Since then, these products had been removed from supermarket shelves, except for a few who had stubbornly resold this product. As a result, new cases of infection were identified throughout France.

A massive product recall from several months ago.

Deficiencies in the hygiene of the handling of vacuum-packed products may be the origin of all these cases of infection registered so far. there was in particular kinder chocolate scandal that were subject to a recall when we were in the middle of the Easter holiday season. Needless to say, all the stock of merchandise had to be taken off the shelves since the demand was enormous during these festivities. Fortunately, the firm’s scientists had taken their suspicions into account to the extent that it could have been a disaster if the alert had not been issued.

As if all these product recalls weren’t enough, vacuum-packed smoked salmon was also the subject of an e-coli infection alert. This bacterium that scientists have therefore not yet overcome. Ingesting it means exposing yourself to symptoms ranging from diarrhea to high fever. Nausea was also reported in some subjects. We better understand the reasons why a drink reminder it was launched immediately as soon as the alarm bells sounded. This had limited the damage as much as possible.

A Florette salad in question

Products that have been subject to recalls in the space of three months can no longer be counted within arm’s reach. Many of them were infected. The trend does not seem to have been controlled anymore to the extent that salads sold in supermarkets have also been infected. This time it was listeria that was involved, but the symptoms of infection in humans are almost the same. The analyzes carried out by Rappel Conso in a 300-gram pack of Icebergs had revealed the presence of this particularly harmful bacterium. Sold in the fruit and vegetable departments of Kosher supermarkets, this Florette brand product carries the GTIN 3303910005804 with marketing dates set between 05/23/2022 and 05/31/2022.

It’s better to prevent than to cure

This salad, which has been the subject of a recall, can certainly be stored in the refrigerator. However, we recommend that you return it for a refund if you have purchased it. Please note that consumption of this product may expose you to serious health problems. If you have ever ingested it, do not hesitate to refer it immediately to your doctor. The latter who will prescribe a treatment adapted to your case. The most frequent symptoms are fever, nausea and vomiting, digestive disorders and diarrhoea. Since listeriosis is the main agent of listeria, pregnant women are the most vulnerable. An infection with this bacterium can lead to neurological disorders.

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