PS5: a new controller coming soon

On the Daily menu this June 16th, we’ll kick off with a general hype for GTA 6 due to a mysterious update at Rockstar. We will continue with the arrival of a strange tool on PS5, and the rumors about a Pro controller for the Sony console. We finish with the statistics of video games in the United States … The Daily, come on!

GTA 6: when a bug sows doubt…

This June 15, the entire web gathered around a possible announcement related to GTA 6. Social networks were particularly shaken, with the hashtag Grand Theft Auto VI in Top Trend, due to a strange update on the Rockstar Games developer site. For almost 5 hours the site showed a totally black wallpaper and it was not a loading error. Obviously, looking at the code, you could very easily tell that this was a deliberate decision. Rockstar wanted to show this black background all this time. You should know that Rockstar never advertises like everyone else. With Red Dead Redemption 2, the developers had just put up a red banner on their Twitter. According to GTA specialists, the announcement of GTA V was made in the same way, through a site update that directly displayed the game’s logo, which explains the enthusiasm of the community. However, nothing has been announced, citing more of a bug than an actual publicity stunt. At the moment, Rockstar has not commented.

PlayStation 5: A Pro controller in the making and a video editor? =

Sony is said to be working on a Pro controller for PS5, the equivalent of the Elite controller on Xbox. This is the informant and journalist Tom Henderson who says it on the TryHardGuide site. Like its competitor, it would have paddles on the back, adding easy access keys that let you trigger commands without taking your thumbs off the sticks. The other great novelty would be the possibility of completely removing the sticks to be able to replace them in the event of Stick Drift, a problem that affects many Microsoft Elite controllers… Among the novelties we can also mention a system that allows you to block the triggers, the famous Trigger Stop . Le nom de code de la manette serait Hunt, et figurez-vous qu’on devrait in understand parler très bientôt… Ensuite, you know that the useful one that allows you to edit your videos on PS5, is my à jour avec pour cible , social networks. This tool is called Sharefactory Studio and it now houses BITS, a new tab that allows you to add effects to your videos. It offers, for example, confetti, pencil, audio effects, to customize your excerpts.

Video games are not doing well in America!

Gaming is an incredibly strong industry and generates incredible revenue, but sometimes there is stagnation, even dizzying declines. This is what’s happening in gaming across the Atlantic, as analyst Matt Piscatella reports. In May 2022, spending on games, accessories, and hardware fell 19%, which is gigantic since February 2020 with the pandemic. Only subscriptions to online subscriptions recorded an increase in billing. On the other hand, hardware sales fell 11% from last year, a strong period for console launches. The big drop in revenue is also being felt on the mobile side with a 23% drop in player spending on Google Play. At Apple, on the other hand, we are depreciating, with a drop of only 2.6%.

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