Starfield: Todd Howard causes life expectancy, big cities and silent protagonist – News

Going by IGN, director Todd Howard answered a series of questions, starting with the expected lifespan of this RPG on the turn. Due to more quests, the main route of star field would be 20% longer than previous Bethesda games like Skyrim Y fallout 4, which at least would represent between 30 and 40 hours of play, a figure that obviously does not include missions and secondary activities. By the way, side content is rarely insignificant in a Bethesda game, and it’s not star field with its 1,000 procedurally generated explorable planets that will tell otherwise. In addition to the basic content, already almost guaranteed expansions will be added, as well as the usual work of the modding community.

quickly compared to no man’s sky at certain points, star field however, it will quickly be distinguished from the Hello Games game on one particular point. Contrary to what one might have imagined, moving from one planet to another in the next Bethesda will not be easy. The possibility of entering the atmosphere of a planet with your ship from space would certainly have offered a certain immersion and, above all, a next-gen effect, but this functionality was ruled out from the beginning of the project, according to Todd Howard.

Can we fly the ship directly over the planet? No. We decided at the beginning of the game that on the surface it’s one reality, and then when you’re in space it’s another reality.“, summarizes the director, according to whom the technical challenge was not worth it.”If you’re trying to spend a lot of time designing the in-between elements, like those transitions, you’re just spending a lot of time on something that isn’t that important to the player.“, he justifies.

1000 planets for 4 main cities. The ratio may not be very balanced, but it has to be said, New Atlantis will be the largest metropolis ever designed, all Bethesda games combined. “The city offers all the necessary services and you can modify your ship thanks to the different factions. But New Atlantis is above all the headquarters of the Constellation, the last group of space explorers, to which the player belongs. A kind of mix between NASA, Indiana Jones and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemenexplains Todd Howard.

The presentation of the gameplay also made it possible to witness some exchanges with the members of Constellation, sequences that confirm in passing that Bethesda Game Studios has returned to the traditional staging of the close-up of the face of its interlocutor addressing a mute protagonist, this time fallout 4 featured a protagonist who had learned to speak. And if players will be able to explore the cosmos in third person, the camera will automatically switch to subjective view during dialogue.

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