Thierry Roland, the controversy

Although this June 16 marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Thierry Roland, a review of the most striking comments of the former television star. Comments that have often caused a stir.

That bastard Mr. Foote

Thierry Roland did not have his tongue in his pocket. He proves it by his protrusion in front of Mr. Foote, referee of the Bulgaria-France match, on October 9, 1976. Dissatisfied with the decisions of the Scottish man in black, the Antenne 2 commentator does not mince words.

“So, I’m really not afraid to say, Mr. Foote, that you’re a bastard, he pulls. What a scandal this arbitration is incredible. I have never seen such an individual. He should be in jail, not on a football field! »

Thierry Roland’s words caused a scandal, the management of Antenne 2 considered taking sanctions against their journalist. But it was without the support of the spectators.

The Tunisian Maid

If the Argentina-England clash has gone down in history due to the diabolical performance of Diego Maradona, author of a brilliant goal and another manuscript, Thierry Roland, who officiates in the comments, again generates controversy. The lack of his statements about Ali Bennaceur, the referee of the match.

Honestly, Jean-Michel, don’t you think there is something more than a Tunisian referee to referee a match of this importance? », ask, and add: “I am not a racist, I have nothing against Tunisians. Also, my cleaning lady is Tunisian.. »

koreans look alike

A few days before the start of the 2002 World Cup, Thierry Roland warms up during a warm-up match between France and South Korea, the future host of the competition.

And once again, the former ORTF provokes anger with comments with racist overtones. There is nothing that looks more like a Korean than another Korean, especially dressed as soccer players, especially since they are all 1.70m tall, they are all brown, except for the goalkeeper. »dares, unleashing a new controversy.

The discussion with Jean-Michel Larqué

Following the advent of the Internet, Thierry Roland endured another controversy during the 2002 World Cup. This time it was due to an altercation -off the air- with his friend Jean-Michel Larqué.

While he has just violently assaulted the TF1 press officer for places in the final that he could not have, the former midfielder stalks him in turn, distressed by his partner’s attitude.

The slogans? I shit on yeslaunches, adding instead of Jean-Michel Larqué: “Wait, you’re not going to teach me a lesson, be nice. » And the tone to rise and Thierry Roland to be more and more vulgar. There are places everywhere behind, don’t piss me off», still states, and adds: “I don’t give a fuck… you come to Laurent’s defense.» And just in case the message wasn’t clear enough, he also continues with a You speak to me in another tone and interfere with your buttocks…»

This sequence will constitute a great knife blow in your relationship.

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