“We believe that we have found the fault”, explains Juan Branco the reverse of the Tebas complaint against Paris

Upset by Kylian Mbappe’s extension, La Liga filed a complaint against PSG with UEFA for breach of financial fair play rules. Guest of After Thursday in RMC, Juan Branco, the lawyer appointed by Javier Tebas, head of the Spanish League, explained the reasons for this attack.

The towel burns between Javier Tebas and Paris Saint-Germain. Kylian Mbappé contract extensionepilogue of a confrontation between the Parisian club and Real Madrid led the LaLiga coach to present a Complaint before UEFA for non-compliance with the rules of financial fair play. The objective is “to change the system and demand that there is harmonization at a European level on the rules that apply to financial fair play, the financial control of the clubs to get out of the delusional situation in which we find ourselves today with the contracts we know “. “, he explains in theafter Juan Branco, the lawyer appointed by Javier Tebas to defend the interests of LaLiga.

“For Mbappé, Real was in a position of unfair competition with PSG”

If Mbappé’s new contract does not pass completely in Spain, Javier Tebas has been preparing this procedure for a year. “For years PSG has managed to evade the applicable law, continues Juan Branco. He has had more or less effective tactics. More or less legal too. of maneuvers that were not quite spot on. We set a rule and they manage to get around it every time. Manchester City does the same… We, this time, will try to set our limits and set the framework from which they have stopped escaping”.

Regarding Mbappé’s file, Juan Branco indicates that unlike PSG, Real Madrid has “legal income”. “Not transfusions that come from Qatar, he clarifies. Income that is the result of their commercial activity, their influence. La Real found themselves in a position of unfair competition with PSG. We finished with Real, which year after year saves its little money. year, who hasn’t made any big signings in the last two years and is in a position where he can’t follow PSG’s proposals. It’s a complicated and unfair situation.”

“We hope to change the rules”

For Juan Branco, he is also in France, with his clubs. He cites Troyes and Bordeaux. “Foreign investment funds arrived to try to speculate and ride this wave that had launched this ‘oligarchy’ and this intervention of the state clubs. They withdrew when they saw that they could not go any further with the clubs almost bankrupt… we are in the same situation!”

Due to this complaint, Tebas believes that the LFP should never have approved Kylian Mbappé’s contract. “We are asking for a reform of the system and that is why we want to go to a European level.” And the lawyer to conclude: “We hope to be able to change the rules. And we believe that we have found the flaw that will allow this change.”

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