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To fulfill its screen protection mission, Zagg partners with various partners and carriers. The American specialist launches its Invisible Shield on Demand service to offer the installation of a protective screen on any device in a few minutes. We have tested.

Zagg Launches InvisibleShield on Demand Service // Source: FRANDROID — Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS

Every day we spend more hours in front of our screens. Beyond the eye strain that this causes and the various concerns (obesity, stress, etc.), there are also many risks of devices or confidential information falling into the reach of excessively curious eyes.

To remedy these various problems, companies have relied on protective screens. Above all to protect against bumps and other scratches, but now also as a plus to reduce the effects of blue light or prying eyes.

Technology inspired by military helicopter blades

Among all these players, InvisibleShield, an offshoot of the Zagg group, which also owns accessories company Mophie and case maker Gear4, has long built its reputation as a specialist in screen protection films of all kinds. The accessories are sold in particular in the operators’ stores and in specialized stores, filling the stalls with boxes according to the product. And it is precisely this point, both for economic and functional reasons, that Zagg wants to review its copy.

On-demand app brands Zagg invisibleshield
Over 64,000 screen types referenced for InvisibleShield on Demand // Source: FRANDROID – Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS

To that end, the company is launching InvisibleShield on Demand. It is still screen protection, but on demand and for all possible devices (or almost), which will be offered by certain operators (Orange and Bouygues Telecom in the first place) and resellers (Boulanger) as a service with a dedicated person. It allows protections to be installed more ergonomically and quickly on different devices, respecting exactly their designs and specificities.

apache helicopter
The InvisibleShield protective film was designed after helicopter blade guards // Source: Zagg

These screen protectors are based on ISOD technology which has its origin in the material that protects the blades of Apache military helicopters used during the Gulf War against sand and shock. The technology was bought by the company in the early 2000s. In other words, its devices are prepared for extreme conditions…

Protection applied in minutes

We tested the solution, which comes in the form of a printer-like machine. It comes in two sizes depending on the screen to be protected: up to 6.9 inches (mainly smartphones and watches) and up to 12.9 inches (tablets, nintendo-switch, some PCs). A smartphone app is linked to it to integrate the nature of the device whose screen is to be covered. Over 64,000 screen models are supported and referenced to a smartphone app that works with the device. And the list will be constantly updated to stick to the best news, Zagg announces.

Zagg invisibleshield on demand protections

So here we are testing the service to cover a screen ofiPhone 13 ProMax. There are several types of protective screens available:

  • ClearProtect : the basic that protects from bumps and scratches
  • ultraclear+ : protection takes all the basics and adds an antimicrobial treatment
  • ultra+ privacy – The next level with the addition of a privacy film that prevents curious people from looking at your screen from the side.
  • UltraVisionGuard+ : Instead of a privacy film, the protector adds Eyesafe technology to protect your eyes from digital eyestrain and harmful blue light.
Zagg InvisibleShield Eye Protection On Demand
The different levels of screen protection // Source: Zagg

All of these protective films are extremely thin. They are plastic films of a few tenths of a millimeter that are installed dry (without applying a fixing product). A few safe gestures from the technician who manages the devices and the screen is placed in a maximum of two minutes after printing (which is done in a few seconds) on the panel of our iPhone in the Ultra VisionGuard+ version.

First good surprise, we can barely distinguish the protection on the screen, the colors are not altered. They are somewhat less “bright” due to the added filter Eyesafe, the organization specializing in screen technology against blue light and eye protection (Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, LG Display… are among their clients). But everything is still very comfortable visually above all. We quickly forgot about the presence of protection on the screen, while we never had one until now.

screen protector for iphone zagg
The protective screen does not stand out on the iPhone and does not obscure the colors despite the vision protection filter // Source: FRANDROID – Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS

For a smart phone such as a watch or a Nintendo switch

If in less than five minutes (or even three) we were able to get protection for our smartphone, it is even faster for an Apple Watch screen. We enter the model of our connected watch in the application (Apple Watch Series 7). A smaller Clear Protect sheet fits into the machine and cuts in seconds. All that remains is to carefully pose on the mini Retina display and you’re good to go.

Zagg invisibleshield on demand prepa apple watch
Preparing the screen for the clock // Source: FRANDROID – Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS

After being broken by an expert, the iPhone’s protective screen shows a slight crease in the center due to the installation technique and some bubbles on the side. After 24 hours, as promised, everything disappeared. And this, thanks to ISOD’s nano-memory technology that allows the film to permanently repair itself, eliminating fingerprints and scratches, by regenerating itself. It’s pretty impressive. As for the Apple Watch, nothing to report. The film is just as thin, and unless you actually run your finger around the edge to feel it, you won’t see it. It didn’t bother us in use either, and the touchscreen is flawlessly responsive.

Obviously, it will be best to avoid any immersion, for the watches, especially if you want to treat yourself to swimming, for 24 hours so that the protection and the screen definitely bond well. The funniest thing to touch is that feeling of having put a reinforced glass protection when it comes to a self-healing material.

Zagg invisibleshield on demand great machine
The large format machine can handle shields for screens up to 12.9 inches diagonal // Source: FRANDROID – Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS

In total, in a few minutes we will have been able to install protection on our iPhone and on our watch, and leave calm in the face of the next scares. This InvisibleShield on Demand process has great advantages for everyone: the user has access to a fast protection installation service totally adapted to the screen of their device, whatever it may be.

The brand or carrier offering the service dramatically reduces Zagg’s previously allocated space for its screen savers and store clutter. The brand, for its part, is reducing its packaging, which is nothing more than cut-out film bags instead of individual boxes, and it is also reducing its carbon footprint during shipments and, of course, its costs.

InvisibleShield on Demand Pricing and Availability

Count €15 for a watch face (even round!) and from €30 for a smartphone screen, then up to €45 for the Ultra VisionGuard+ filter on a smartphone. It is also possible to protect the front and back of a glass smartphone (about 50 euros). This can add up to a few euros for tablet or PC screens up to 12.9 inches. Smartphone privacy filters are not available on all models on the market at the moment, unlike other protections.

The service is already available in some Orange and Bouygues Telecom stores, as well as in Boulanger. The film is guaranteed for life (with certain limitations) and can be replaced once a year in the event of failure.

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