when Emma Thompson calls out…

Desire, like attention to female enjoyment, has no expiration date. This is the reinforcement shot made at the beginning of the week by the 63-year-old actress.

aging and to enjoy They are not two contradictory terms. This is what Emma Thompson, 63, remembers in a column published on the website of fashion uk , Tuesday June 14. In the comedy poster Good luck for you, the actress plays a retired and widowed religious education teacher. After years of sexual dissatisfaction, she wants to experience pleasure and enlists the services of a 20-something sex worker, or “sex therapist” as he calls himself. A scenario that goes against hackneyed jokes about aging and (too) young lovers, says the actress. And perhaps the way to change our view of intimacy for women over 50 years.

“In our younger years, we were constantly teased with orgasms”

Emma Thompson says the filming gave her food for thought about the mandates and stereotypes that surround the sex lives of people aged 50 and over. “Does anyone know or care about the sexual satisfaction or pleasure of middle-aged women? In our younger years, we were constantly harassed by Cosmos about orgasms (…) The focus on achievement was frankly a bit off-putting.”

She continues: “We were taught that older women would sometimes want more sex, and thus the myth of the cougar was born, as so many sexual labels that we are destined to embody.”

an intimidating exhibition

Parallel to these reflections, Emma Thompson admits that she felt very intimidated at the beginning of filming, at the idea of ​​undressing in front of her partner, Daryl McCormack. «Surtout si vous êtes une femme post-ménopausée d’une soixantaine d’années que a récemment mangé beaucoup trop de gâteaux par recherche de confort, et que la jeune personne en face de vous est dans une form étonnamment parfaite», ironise-t -she.

But director Sophie Hyde’s particular approach was enough to disinhibit the sixty-year-old and her partner. “The three of us got completely naked and talked about our bodies and what we liked and didn’t like about them,” she says. A visibly successful experience. “It’s easier to be honest when there’s literally nothing to hide, and it’s inevitably humiliating. But after that, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” recalls Emma Thompson, congratulating herself in passing for not trying to lose weight to prepare for her paper.

Thanks to Good luck for you, Emma Thompson hopes to unfold a more liberated word on desire. Even distilling greater mental openness regarding the assistant or sexual assistant professions, essential in her eyes. “Sex is free, natural, normal, delicious, good for us and, as Leo says in the movie, inaccessible to some for all sorts of reasons,” she laments. However, it is a public health issue.”

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