5 delicious dips for a perfect appetizer when it’s hot

Guacamole, hummus, salsa sauce, dips are now must-have appetizers! And for sunny days, we have chosen our favorites for you. Gourmet, easy and quick to make, here you will inevitably find your happiness to prepare the best appetizers.

To prepare a small aperitif with friends, you want something quick and succulent. Why not opt ​​for dipping sauces? accompany them with blinisof potato chips or small vegetables, they will be perfect to delight you and your guests of course. There are many recipes available for you! In addition, we have selected 5 very simple to make and very tasty. Soon you will not be able to do without these recipes.

pea guacamole

this essential Mexican food It is a simple preparation that will go perfectly with tortilla chips. We cook it with lawyersof the tomatoesof’Red onion Y green lemon which can be flavored in several different ways, depending on your wishes. But for a change, why not opt ​​this time for a pea guacamole ? Venture into new flavors and surprise your taste buds!

the black hummus

Hummus is a Middle Eastern dish. By the way, “hummus” means “chickpea” in Arabic, because it is a Chickpeas puree. If the name is not very original, we assure you that your guests will certainly like it. And for even more surprise, try it black hummusa sublimated version of the classic recipe, with black sesame and blueberries, which will give a sweet touch to this dip. All you have to do is dip your cut vegetables in it, like carrots for example!

the tzatziki

A Greek recipe, tzatziki is perfect for an impromptu appetizer. You can also find turkish version under the name of Cacik or a variant Cypriot, the Talaturi. Composed of a thick yogurtprepared with goat milk or of sheepY cucumber, the Tzatziki offers freshness and lightness. It can be used as an aperitif, but also as a starter.

The Ktipiti

Known by various names, tyrokafteri, ktipiti or even chtypit, this greek mix is composed mostly of yogurt, feta cheese, hot pepper, green pepperofolive oil Y lemon juice. It brings freshness and lightness to your appetizers, although it can also be served as a starter. Up to you!

The Labneh

essential recipe for Levantine cuisine, the Labneh is known by many names (labna, labneh, labni among others). It is a fermented yogurt of a milk whose texture is similar to that of a cream, called Rayeb Where Raib. Its flavor resembles that of natural yogurt found in stores. We add a littleolive oilof the Fresh mint and an aromatic oriental herb, the za’atar, on top. Decorate it according to your wishes!

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