Amber Heard’s unexpected statement to Johnny Depp, in a recent interview

Amber Heard also explains that she “has no hard feelings” towards her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. (London, July 28, 2020.) fake images

After six weeks of a highly publicized trial with a controversial verdict, Amber Heard spoke with the network NBC.

“I will keep every word until I die”, press amber heard in one of the first excerpts from his interview with “The Today Show”, broadcast in its entirety this Friday, June 17, by the American channel NBC. After six weeks of an ultra-publicity trial and a guilty verdict for the actress, she was sentenced to pay 10 million dollars to her ex-husband Johnny DeppThe latter spoke publicly about the “unfair” treatment she says she suffered throughout the trial, and about her past relationship.

Precisely, in a second excerpt from the interview, published as a trailer on the program website, Amber Heard indulged in some secrets about her ex-spouse. “I still love him,” she told journalist Savannah Guthrie. She loved him with all my heart. I did my best to make a very dysfunctional relationship work.”aquaman he also assures that he has “no resentment or ill will towards him”. And to add: “I know it may seem difficult to understand if you have never loved someone.”

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In the first extract of the interview, broadcast on June 15, Amber Heard, however, declares to keep “all the words” of her accusations against Johnny Depp – the latter claims to have been a victim of domestic violence during their relationship, between 2011 and 2016. “C It was very, very toxic, we were horrible with each other,” he recalls. And to continue her: “I made many mistakes but I always told the truth.”

Not a ‘good victim’

The actress also returned to the lynching she suffered during the trial. “I’m not a good victim, I get it, I’m not a nice victim, I’m not a perfect victim, but I asked the jury to look at me as a human being,” she said in the excerpt. Asked about her platform in the Washington Post, published in 2018, in which she talked about her ex-husband’s domestic violence and who was the subject of this defamation lawsuit, Amber Heard explains that she was not referring to her relationship with Johnny Depp. “It was more about bringing my voice into a larger conversation, which we were having at the time,” she says, referring to the Me Too movement..

On video, verdict against Amber Heard risks dissuading victims of violence from speaking out

While her lawyer argued that an appeal trial should be awaited, Amber Heard also expressed doubts about the outcome of another confrontation. “I’m afraid that whatever I do, whatever I say, and however I say it, it’s all an opportunity to shut up,” she says. This is, I suppose, the subject of a libel suit. Take your voice.”

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