at 34 years old, the Chef has won it all

You are there, in a calebar in front of the Warriors title ceremony, wondering if you will caramelize the onions in the fried rice at noon, while at 34, Stephen Curry has already finished the game tonight on Thursday June 16, 2022 Friday June 17 will remain as one of the key dates in his career. A fourth NBA title, and above all -finally- the statuette of MVP of the Finals.

On the morning of Thursday, June 16, 2022, Stephen Curry is still just a king without a crown. At least one king crowned with three NBA titles, two MVP trophies and an eight-time All-Star, but whose ornament remains incomplete. A few hours later, the problem is solved. The Majesty of him was chosen MVP of the 2022 Finals thanks to averages of 31.2 points on 48% shooting, including 42% from the park, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 interceptions for just 2.5 turnovers. A series available in all the butcher shops in France and the DOM-TOMs, that basketball, and more generally, the world of sport, will not forget. At 34, several years before the idea crossed her mind, Steph could retire if the history books still featured him on the cover. His career is now complete, flawless, with contours so perfect they harpoon an annoyance value. Yes, what will be the carrot now against Bourriquet? How to make him want to invest in the next seasons, if he has nothing left to gain / discover? To this problem, which is not really one, there are two answers. The first is that, in his mind, a champion is never satisfied. We don’t count the trophies on the line. The power, the history and the beauty of an achievement keep the lion awake. On the other hand, the second answer is that if Stephen Curry really wants to win new trophies, there will always be a place reserved for him in our beautiful French championship. Tasting Jayson Tatum and his losers on national air is fine, but gorging yourself on the terrible ADA Blois on a winter afternoon, watched by Stephen Brun and Laurence Boccolini, relayed by a camera that doesn’t film the counterattacks, there. it is a completely different story.

Over the eleven voting journalists for this 2022 Finals MVP statuette, including Jacques Monclar of the BeIN Sports France team, all slipped the same name into the polls. It is a logical unanimity in favor of Stephen Curry. A journalist might have provided a bit of originality by beating Andrew Wiggins, but would probably have lost his right and his legitimacy to vote the following year. History says that the Warriors point guard, as during his MVP trophy in 2016, was chosen with all the elegance that his achievements on the court deserved. It is difficult to reward an excellent role player when one of the best players in history steps on the same court. Speaking of which, there are only six whose trophy cabinet includes four championship rings, multiple MVP titles and the Finals MVP trophy: LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Tim Duncan and, since then, night, Stephen Curry. Over the next few hours/days/weeks, the discussions will intensify. Do we put Stephen Curry above Magic Johnson? Does he deserve his place in the top 5 of all time? In a few years, when he retires, will Stephen Curry take a pot at the table of LeBron James and Michael Jordan? This Finals MVP trophy – and this fourth title in the process – opens the door to many a screaming match, around the family table, between an old man and his son who mutually underestimate each other’s time. But whether they are Warriors 22′ or Lakers 87′, the important thing is that they share the same food, that of basketball.

A very unusual little stat to close this article? The last five Finals MVPs are the last five All-Star Game MVPs. A great coincidence that will force us to closely follow the 2023 All-Star Game. For now, Stephen Curry shines at the top, among the stars of this sport. We live the experience live, and in 2046, we will know what story to tell for “put the kids to bed”.

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