“Bakin’Donuts” in Compiègne: revisited donuts with unique flavors

Sublimated French donuts…

Bakin’Donuts opened the pilot store for its franchise network in August 2021, at 2 rue des Cordeliers in Compiègne. The first franchise was opened at 6 rue Ecuyère in Rouen (76), the next opening is planned in Normandy in Deauville. The expansion of the network continues to develop, with the opening of several other franchises in the Paris region that have just been signed with a group of investors. The concept is attracting a lot of interest from investors who want to set it up abroad. (Dubai, London, …).

It’s Uncle Sam’s encounter with French pastry!

The idea arose from two passions, that of eating Uncle Sam’s donuts and that of trying French pastries. The creators are French but holy globetrotters! They took the risk of experimenting with a new vision of junk food. The founders of Bakin’Donuts are essentially made up of a passionate brotherhood who knew how to surround themselves with a conglomerate of pastry chefs to sublimate donuts with the delicious recipes of our French pastries.

The hybrid bakery This experiment gave rise to a new brand of donuts, revisited! A hybrid cake that combines the famous beignet with delicious recipes from our best French chefs.

Three ranges are offered

The Bakin’ Gourmetsthey are all filled (chocolate, praline cream, raspberry coulis, coconut cream, etc.)

The Bakin’ Glazedare enhanced with icing (speculoos, chocolate, cinnamon, lavender, pistachio, etc.)

baking signatures, They are the little brothers of our favorite pastries (strawberry, tropézienne, Paris-Brest, éclair, tarte tatin or meringue de ciron…)

the bakin’dwich, the salty version (avocado, goat cheese, smoked chicken, etc.), with new, more Mediterranean recipes planned for this summer.

capsule creations, which highlight all the big festive moments, such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter or Valentine’s Day. To the rhythm of the seasons, Bakin’Donuts will make you discover its most beautiful recipes.

News for the summer With the arrival of good weather, the brand has prepared some pleasant refreshing surprises for you. Now you can cool off with iced teas (infused every morning) available in 3 flavours: peach/apricot black tea, red fruit black tea and finally pineapple/lemon green tea. mecan be made into bubble tea, adding aromatic pearls (passion fruit, cherries, raspberries, peach, mango…), but you also have the option of adding fresh fruit. The flavors will evolve according to the tastes of the clients.

In collaboration with a master ice cream maker, you will soon discover ice cream, with particular flavors, such as orange blossom, chestnut, Espelette pepper… Bakin’Donuts is a natural decoration, with biodegradable straws where the reflection of the moment is fixed in an eco-responsible packaging. So see you, on the terrace, but also to take away or at home for a good gourmet break.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. non-stop COMPIEGNE – 2, rue des Cordeliers

ROUEN: 6 rue Ecuyere

Coming soon, Bakin’Donuts Deauville


Facebook profile : https://www.facebook.com/BakinDonuts-104850595055228

Instagram: donutsoficial

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