Bill Gates trashes Bitcoin and NFTs

news hardware Bill Gates trashes Bitcoin and NFTs

Definitely between Bill Gates and cryptos it is not really a great love affair. While many rich people in this world continue to express their enthusiasm for Bitcoin and NFTs, Bill Gates chooses to stay out of it. As the price of Bitcoin crashes and takes the entire ecosystem, including NFTs, with it, the Microsoft founder took the opportunity to deal one last blow to the cryptosphere.

Bill Gates and Bitcoin Season 1

The American billionaire has already expressed some virulence towards Bitcoin.

In 2021, his main argument was that of ecology:

“Bitcoin uses more electricity per transaction than any other method known to mankind,” he said in an interview with The New York Times.

A severe position when it is known that his former company Microsoft has never been an example for ecology. However, it is true that it has tended to increasingly reduce its carbon footprint in recent years.

And bitcoin too…

In fact, according to a study by CoinShares, the bitcoin network consumes 189 TWh, or about 0.1% of global electricity production. In addition, according to a study by the Bitcoin Mining Council, of that 0.1%, a significant part would be supplied by renewable energies, around 56% in 2021.

A somewhat easy attack but above all a way of waging war on his counterpart Elon Musk who, at the time, integrated Bitcoin as a means of payment for his Tesla vehicles.

Bill Gates does not buy crypto

Last month, the American billionaire added a layer over the entire crypto ecosystem that he deemed too speculative.

Bill Gates said then: “I like to invest in things that have value. The value of companies is based on how well they make great products. The value of cryptocurrencies is simply based on what one person decides how much another person will pay for them. »

On June 14, the former Microsoft executive gave back the cover as the price of Bitcoin dropped sharply, taking it to the €20,000 level.

During TechCrunch Climate 2022, Bill Gates clarified his opinion on cryptocurrencies saying “I have nothing to do with it”.

For lui le Bitcoin exists thanks to the “theorie du plus grand imbécile” illustrating an idea selon laquelle, even if bitcoin is overvalued, you can register a plus-value if you arrivez à vendre à quelqu’un de plus “imbecile” that you. In short, he implies that bitcoin would be a Ponzi scheme. The later you arrive, the more you will enrich the first comers.

In this light, how would Bitcoin differ from a Microsoft share that was trading for pennies at the time and now costs more than €200?

Beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Bill Gates took advantage of this conference to add a new goal to his list…

Bill Gates Addresses NFT

Right after this intervention in the cryptosphere, the billionaire expressed his sarcasm regarding NFTs and, more particularly, the Bored Ape.

“Of course, these expensive digital monkey images will greatly improve the state of our world,” he said wryly.

He feels that monkey jpegs are a big joke in the face of threats to the world, a comparison that is not entirely “legitimate”…

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