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How to play Reroll Olaf and Diana composition with Scalebreaker (Scalescorn) and Fighter (Bruiser) in TFT set 7? The newsroom gives you guidance on champions, items, and placement.

the composition Reroll Olaf and Diana with Scalebreaker (Scalescorn) and Fighter (Bruiser) of team fight tactics is one of the components of set 7. Rfind all information about TFT Set 7.

We introduce you to the different champions in the composition, the items they can carry as well as their placement on your board.

Scalebreaker (Scalescorn) and Combatant (Bruiser) Reroll comp with Olaf and Diana in TFT Set 7

The main purpose of this composition is to play Olaf on the main transport, especially if you found him quickly during Stage 2. If so, you can kill him on purpose for a few rounds so he gains AD that he can use later.

This composition can be played with many different variations. You can play 4 fighters (thug) Y 4 Scalebreakers (Cornscales)or remove Braum Y lily for your Y yasuo who gives 4 warriors. Another very interesting option is to play 4 assassinsespecially if you have a assassin emblem for Olaf.

In the version covered in this guide, Diana has a secondary carry role, but can also be played as a primary carry. For more information, see our guide on the composition Diana Reroll with Assassin.

Deployment and passages of levels.

These are usually the rounds where you want to level up. Rounds marked with * are be preferred if you’re on a winning streak and therefore want to play more aggressively.

Level 4 : Round 2-3 (or 2-1*)
level 5 : Round 2-5 (or 2-2*)
level 6 : Lap 3-2 (or 3-1*)
level 7 : Lap 4-1 (or 3-5*)

normally you want slow roll on level 7 in this build. This allows you to do Olaf Y Diana 3 stars. You can then level up to 8 once you have them.

The things in favor of Olaf and Diana

Olaf – Main TransportOlaf

Olaf is your main transport in this build, so his items are the priority.

typical construction

Other options

Diana – Secondary TransportDiana

Diana is a very interesting secondary transport with your leftover items.

typical construction

Other options

What to do with the remaining items and components?

assassin assassin’s emblem : Olaf Assassin is very dangerous, do not hesitate if you find a Stuff-TFT Spatula !

defensive elements : shen is a very good carrier of defensive items such as Stuff-TFT Solar layer, Stuff-TFT Redemption

Stuff-TFT frozen heart : With Assassins, having a Frozen Heart jump into the opponent’s backline is always interesting. This object can continue Qiyana.

Positioning of the Diana/Olaf Reroll composition in Set 7


Olaf : If you have a Stuff-TFT ultra-rapid cannon, put it in the second line so that it is protected. If not, try to get him to one end of the board to prevent him from being targeted first.

Ornn : You want him on the opposite side of the opposing carry to debuff him, and ideally send his spell back to stun him afterwards.

Sylas : Put it in front of the opposing main tank (Ornn, Hecarim…) to delay its launch.

Diana/Qiyana : Try to get them in front of opposing carries so they go straight to target them.

best dragon boosts

These are our recommendations for Particularly strong increases in this composition. We didn’t mention some generic Augments that will always be strong (like additional items/components…).

These are our recommendations:

  • Assassin’s Coat of Arms / Crown (Assassin’s Crest/Crown)
  • +1 warrior (Warriors) / Scalebreaker (corn flake) / Fighter (Bully)
  • nomads
  • Tiamat
  • titanic power (Titanic force)
  • heavenly blessing (Heavenly Blessing) / born hunter (thrill of the hunt)
  • trinity force (tri force)
  • combat training (Combat Training)
  • evil twin (Double Disruption)
  • Second wind (second wind)
  • portable forge (portable forge)
  • Best friends (Best friends)
  • beefy friend (Great friend)
  • Personal trainer (Personal training)
  • march of progress (March of Progress)
  • green veil (Green Veil)

For more information about Set 7, you can go to our tier list of the best compositionsor course new champion info Y new trait information.

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