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Because financial information is eaten like cupcakes, hot and at breakfast time, Anthony Bondain gets up at dawn to serve you the Morning Meeting every morning.
A financial journalist and stockbroker for more than two decades, inimitable columnist and phlegmatic leader, he is editor-in-chief of ZoneBourse.

Every morning, the Zonebourse team collects and summarizes key information on listed companies from around the world, to have access to the main news at the beginning of the trading day. The content includes a section on France and another on the main international markets, in particular American companies and those from the main European markets (United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain) and Asia-Pacific.

In France

Important (and less important) announcements

  • Dassault Systems considers itself well positioned to achieve its goals by 2024.
  • Veolia it is expected to dispose of Suez’s waste assets in the UK.
  • Engie saw a drop in gas deliveries after the new restrictions on exports decided by Russia, although the customer base is not affected at the moment.
  • Moody’s upgraded the debt rating of Saint Gobain to “Baa1” after the good results.
  • Rexel revises upwards the financial targets for 2022.
  • Green mobility (volkswagen) has more than 87% ofeuropcar after their friendly takeover bid. The offer reopens until June 29 for latecomers.
  • Traffic on the rise in May for airports and highways vinci.
  • Wendel prepares the succession of its president, André François-Poncet.
  • casino plans to simplify its legal organization in France by placing all its food distribution subsidiaries under a common holding company. The group also specifies that it has not yet received a binding offer on GreenYellow.
  • Orpea made an initial drawdown of 250 million euros under the financing agreement signed with its banks.
  • quadrant announces the sale of its graphic activities in the Nordic countries to Ricoh.
  • Valneva reaches an out-of-court settlement with the UK government over its covid vaccine.
  • Dassault Systems Y Rexel organize your investor days.
  • Wendel Y quadrant hold their general assemblies.
  • spy enters the Polish and Czech construction technology markets.
  • kaufman and broad will launch an employee participation operation.
  • Abeo offers itself as a specialist in inflatable reception areas.
  • Gevelot increases your dividend from 2 to 3 EUR.
  • biophitis presents preclinical efficacy data for Sarconeos (BIO101) in spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a rare neuromuscular disease.
  • Pherecydes Pharma recruits its first patient from the phase II PhagoDAIR study.
  • metavision wants to raise 5.3 million euros for its transfer to Euronext Growth.
  • arcure launches a €2 million fundraising campaign on PrimaryBird and will issue €4 million in OCA to benefit Inveready,
  • economic published their accounts.

In the world

Important (and less important) announcements


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