FIFA’s accusation against the accused

Since the beginning of their trial, Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter have chosen not to answer questions from the lawyer for the International Football Federation (FIFA), a civil party in this case. The wrath of the FIFA council fell on the accused on Thursday, June 16, in the great hall of the Swiss Federal Criminal Court (TPF) in Bellinzona.

In the absence of the former French president of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), exempt from attending the debates, Mme Catherine Hohl-Chirazi requested, during her oral argument, that 2.229 million Swiss francs “kidnapped by the accused” be returned to FIFA.

This amount was already seized by the Public Ministry of the Confederation (MPC) on account of Mr. Platini, referred to the TPF with Sepp Blatter for “suspicions of fraud, unfair management, abuse of trust and falsification of titles” in the case of payment allegedly unfair payment of two million Swiss francs (1.9 million euros) made in February 2011 to the former player by the former FIFA president.

During her four-plus hour performance, Me Hohl-Chirazi did not hold back from her punches. He immediately assured that the “FIFA, as a legal entity, does not accept that its former president and its former vice president abused their position to take two million from it” whereas, according to her, the Federation had, in 2011, “There is no debt to Mr. Platini. »

Like prosecutor Thomas Hildbrand the day before, he dismantled the “invented thesis” by the defendants: that of the rest of the salaries by virtue of an alleged oral agreement that they would have sealed, in 1998, setting the remuneration of the Frenchman at one million Swiss francs per year as an adviser to Mr. Blatter.

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Going back to the chronology of events, Hohl-Chirazi emphasized that he “There is only one contract for Mr. Platini as adviser to President Blatter” : an agreement signed by the two men, on August 25, 1999, with a salary of 300,000 Swiss francs a year at stake.

“Mr. Platini wants his piece of the cake”

He recalled that FIFA had “paid all of Mr. Platini’s invoices as of June 30, 2002” and that Mr Blatter made it clear to the Frenchman, in a letter dated September 2002, that “the 1999 written agreement is null and void.” According to Hohl-Chirazi, it was on February 24, 2010 that MM. Platini and Blatter would have begun to ” deal ” the amount of a payment made to French for “personal and electoral purposes”.

For FIFA’s lawyer, this payment was made in the context of the FIFA presidential elections in June 2011, during which Blatter was re-elected for a fourth term with the support of UEFA. At that time, the Valaisan had promised Mr. Platini, eager to seek succession from him, that he would be his “last term”.

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