Formula 1 | Hamilton performed as a ‘pantomime lady’ on porpoises

Mercedes F1 rebounds in Baku made life miserable for Lewis Hamilton at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, with the Briton claiming only adrenaline kept him going until the end as his back had made the martyr suffer.

The seven-time world champion is not the only one complaining about the extreme porpoise last weekend. Pierre Gasly asked the FIA ​​to ensure that the drivers did not need a “cane since 30 years”, while Daniel Ricciardo felt that he had been “hectic” like a basketball.

The FIA ​​has decided to act for the safety of the drivers and, from this weekend, measures will be taken on vertical forces and limits will be imposed. It is up to the teams to correctly adjust their cars (body height, suspensions) to stay within the tolerated values, otherwise it will be pure and simple disqualification.

This seems to prove the F1 drivers right and, in particular, Lewis Hamilton. But the attitude of the Mercedes F1 driver was not supported by everyone, in particular by John Watson, an F1 driver in the 1970s and 1980s. The Briton, winner of 5 Grand Prix in his career, was not really kind to his compatriot.

“Lewis has to be careful not to act like a pantomime lady. It’s a very difficult car to drive, we know, but at 37, the bones are not that forgiving of an uncomfortable ride. So his age is also a criterion in their pains”, Watson told the Daily Mail.

A lady in a pantomime, in the classical British theater of the 17th century, is a lady who is generally quite obese, dressed in garish costumes, and with an exaggerated character… And it is men, transvestites, who normally play this role.

Note that Christian Horner had already used this comparison to Toto Wolff at Mercedes last year (see our article).

“It’s a whole new world for Lewis,” Watson continues. “He benefited from a dominant Mercedes for seven years. George (Russell) looked pretty fresh after his third place and finished ahead of Lewis.

“Lewis may need to recalibrate and spend less time in the air and more time in the gym.”

Another F1 veteran, Ralf Schumacher, has questioned why Hamilton seems to suffer more than any other driver from the rebound phenomenon.

“Russell was in the same car as him, but he looked much fresher after the race.” said the German.

“Lewis has to see first that Russell is faster than him. I’m sorry he has this back pain, but other teams have this problem too.”

“I don’t know if Lewis sits more upright in the car and therefore feels more shock to his back. If so, the load on the lumbar spine is much higher and that’s what would explain his pain.

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