From L’Aigle, “Apéro among friends” a series of simple and quick recipes in videos

To make the videos, Stéphanie Ballay, Aude Victor and Marina Cazat meet in Aude’s kitchen to cook… and eat! ©The Norman Awakening

A 100% local project. The videographer of The Eagle (Orne) Stephanie Ballaybetter known under the pseudonym L’Historienne, the cheese Aude-Victor Bells and Sabots de L’Aigle and the head chef of Verneuil-sur-Avre (Eure) Marina Cazat team up and throw aperitif with friends.

A series of fun and dynamic videos, where everyone can find inspiration for their next snacks with friends.

“We really do snacks! »

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“Lets go cook pretty things to nibble on, things not ‘headache’, fast. A bit of DIY, a bit of assembly… and we had a good time, we laughed and it’s fine”, explains Aude Victor in the launch video, posted at the beginning of June on the networks.

We see her peel, cut, season… under the gaze and jokes of her peers. “What you see is authentic and rough formwork,” says Stéphanie Ballay. “The jokes are not prepared,” adds Marina Cazat jokingly.

The videos of “Appetizer with friends” are inspired by real life.

When we get together with friends, we give each other recipes. It’s the same here, except I’m here to film…and savor!

Stéphanie Ballay, videographer at L’Aigle

In sum, ” we really do snacks“, summarizes the videographer.

In the group, the three of them know each other, but it is Aude Victor and his shop that really connect each other. “She is my cheesemaker and we made several videos together,” explains Stéphanie Ballay. “And when Marina comes to buy cheese, we always talk about cooking”, adds the manager of Cloches et Sabots.

Videos: currently on Actu

“A Gang of Epicureans”

For the first video, Aude Victor shares a recipe for gourmet verrines with kiwis, avocados and prawns. Three other videos are already in the box and will soon be broadcast on social media: goat meatballs with spicy peanuts; white sheep’s cheese with chestnut cream and toasted buckwheat, and finally Camembert risotto.

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With these videos, “we want to share very simple recipesfast, good and accessible”, insists Aude Victor. Thus, most of the products used are bought locally: the cheese obviously comes from Les Cloches et Sabots, the peanuts from the African and Caribbean grocer of L’Aigle Afro- exotic, the beer of 61 Degrés…

Once the recipes are finished, the cooking sessions obviously end… with a tasting ! “We are a bunch of epicureans”, laughs Stéphanie Ballay.

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