How to clean plastic garden furniture

Plastic chairs and tables are common in many French gardens and terraces. They are cheap and very resistant to weather changes, and you can find them in different models and colors. Summer is coming, but how do you clean plastic garden furniture?

Cleaning this outdoor furniture is not difficult, although if it has been outdoors all year uncovered (it is good to stack it and cover it to make it last longer) it may have stains or it may have lost its color. Cleaning should be done once a week, but since it is sometimes forgotten during the year, it is recommended to cover them with a plastic cover to protect them.


If the plastic furniture has not been maintained and is very dirty. For cleaning you will need

  • A small plastic container
  • a plastic bucket
  • An anti-scratch pad (one of those blue pads)

Cleaning product type Cif. This type of product is very versatile because it can be mixed with water to obtain a cleaning paste that removes the most stubborn dirt. We will save time and money

If you have the option of using a hose, it can be very helpful for initial cleaning and final rinsing.

cleaning procedure

In the small plastic container, put some Cif cleaner or powder and very little water. Use the blue scourer soaked in this mixture on the plastic table, chairs or furniture. You’ll see how it removes embedded grime, even stubborn grime like bird droppings that tend to stick to the table.

First rub the entire table with a scourer and let the product act for at least five minutes; then rubbed again:

In the plastic bucket, prepare the water and the rags. Start by using a damp one and cleaning the area you rubbed earlier. Remove any remaining product. Moisten the cloth and wipe it clean. Drain it in water and clean it again.

The water will come out very dirty, change the water and the rags.

If there are stubborn stains, put some cleaning paste on the stain and wait. Then work with a putty knife, being careful not to scratch the surface.

If the plastic has been exposed to sunlight and chemicals (such as bird droppings that leave acid stains). These stains cannot be removed, you can try to camouflage them with fine-grain sandpaper, but the shine will be lost. If they are on the seat or backrest, you can hide them with a cushion, otherwise you can paint them with a paint suitable for plastics.


If the furniture has been maintained throughout the year or has been covered, the accumulated dirt will be easier to clean.

You need the same as before, but the procedure will be faster.

  • Cif or powder cleaner
  • Anti-scratch scouring pad
  • plastic container
  • Plastic cube
  • 1 or 2 rags.

The procedure is the same as for deep cleaning, except that the furniture will not have stuck-on residue or excessive stains. For this reason, we will rub with the scourer impregnated with cleaning paste (or Cif) all over the furniture. If it’s important, rub it over its entire surface, then rinse it in sections with the water-soaked cloth.

If you have a hose, rinse it one last time with water and let it dry.

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