How to clear the cache on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S? | xbox one

The Xbox Series X | S may be one of the best consoles currently available on the market, you, like many gamers, may have already felt some drops in performance and responsiveness from your beloved machine. The cache of your console is a factor to take into account in this situation and that is why today we offer you this tutorial to teach you how to clean the cache and give your Xbox Series X|S a little push.

What is cache and why clear it?

In most current electronic devices, including video game consoles, the cache stores certain data and temporary actions that the user usually performs in order to memorize them and carry them out more quickly in future actions. The cache works as a storage space and is therefore not unlimited.

When your cache is full, it no longer serves its purpose and no longer offers the performance optimizations it is supposed to give you. While this is usually well managed by the various programs running on the console, there may be times when you need to flush your Xbox Series X|S cache to fix certain issues. Here we’ll explain to you how to do it.

How to clear the cache on Xbox Series X|S

The operations to clear the cache of an Xbox Series X are somewhat simpler than those of Xbox Series S, since the Xbox Series S does not have a disk drive.

Clear cache on Xbox Series X

By pressing the Xbox button or going to your pins, go to:

  1. settings
  2. Devices and connections
  3. blu ray
  4. persistent storage
  5. Clear persistent storage

A pop-up will appear explaining the operation and you will only have to validate the operation to empty your cache.

Clear cache on Xbox Series S

By pressing the Xbox button or going to your pins, go to:

  1. settings
  2. System
  3. console information
  4. Reboot and keep mе and apps

Make sure you reset your Xbox Series S while keeping your games and apps so you don’t reset it to factory settings, i.e. avoid completely restoring it and putting it back to the state you bought it in. Then turn off your console and turn it back on, your cache should be cleared.

How do I do a power cycle?

If your Xbox Series X|S still seems slow after its cache has been cleared, consider performing a power cycle which can add the final touch to your console maintenance. It works the same on Xbox Series X and Series S.

To do this, completely unplug your console, making sure it is completely powered off (otherwise you risk damaging the SSD). Wait a few minutes (be patient to make sure the cache is cleared) before plugging it back in and turning it on. This last manipulation should definitely flush your cache.

Here are some simple yet effective manipulations that will only benefit the health and durability of your Xbox Series X|S. Performing this little maintenance regularly cannot harm your console, which can only thank you for it.

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