Inflation at 5.2%: pensions, minimum wage, APL, CAF… who are the winners and losers of future increases?

In May, the INSEE announced that inflation stood at 5.2% in the last twelve months. Automatic reassessments have been made to certain services, others are planned in the coming weeks.

What will be the impact of the revaluations planned by the government in the coming weeks to fight inflation? In an extensive file dedicated to the subject, Moneyvox details the main winners and losers of this galloping price rise.


In case of victory of the presidential majority in the second round of the legislative electionspensions should be increased by 4% with the law of purchasing power. But beware, this increase will not affect supplementary pensions over which the State has no control.

This limits the breakage but not to compensate for all the losses in purchasing power suffered by retirees.

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smic employees

It has already benefited from several automatic updates. As indicated in TF1“The Labor Code provides for an automatic revaluation of the minimum wage during the year when the consumer price index increases by more than 2% with respect to the index taken into account to set the last amount of the minimum wage.”

Thus, in the last twelve months, the net minimum wage has gone from 1,230.60 to 1,302.62 euros, 6% more. enough to offset current inflation.

But if the price increase suffered by the 20% of the most modest French households exceeds 7% in the coming months, a new automatic revaluation could take place. Otherwise, the minimum wage will be reassessed on January 1, 2023.

Beneficiaries of social benefits

After a rise of 1.8% in April, the activity bonus, the minimum old age, the RSA and other social benefits should theoretically not be revalued before next spring.

But the Government has announced that they would be in the same way as pensions, in the summer. This potential 4% increase would help offset inflation.

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The remuneration of your bank books

According to Moneyvox, some interest rates are expected to double this summer. The popular savings account (LEP) should rise to 4.5% in August, the Livret A potentially to 1.5% or even 2%. The home savings plan could also increase.

The tenants

Revalued each year, rents could increase by 5% on January 1 according to OFCE projections for the income reference index (IRL). According to Moneyvox, tenants should not expect an increase in APL of the same order. The specialized site estimates the revaluation of housing aid at 3.5%.

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