Is a first signing coming up? Marco Otero expected, did Génésio meet Mandanda?… The 3 OM news this Friday!

Like every afternoon, FCM offers you the 3 OM transfer window news of the day! On this Friday’s program: Is a first signing approaching? Marco Otero expected, did Génésio meet Mandanda?

Mercato: OM about to sign his first signing?

As revealed by the Football Club de Marseille, Axel Witsel is a priority target for Olympique de Marseille. The Belgian international could even be the Marseille club’s first signing. Negotiations have accelerated in recent days.

We exclusively reveal to you OM’s interest in axel witzel more than 15 days ago. Talks with the Belgian international have intensified in recent days. The former Dortmund player followed other clubs but made Marseille his priority.

According tojournalist Nicolo ShiraEven the signing would be very close to Witsel in the OM, it should even be done quickly. We are talking about a 2-year contract plus an option.

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Witsel lives for his sport, he is fit, perfectly fit

“Everyone knows Axel Witsel, he is a very important recovery player. Whether he’s a low block, a middle block or a high block, with his experience he knows where to position himself. He is someone who after recovering does not keep the ball, he will directly play on the side or in front. If he feels the team is under pressure, he can physically turn or hold the ball. He can also line up as the fourth central defender in a 3-man defence. We are in an experience element, he lives for the sport of it, he is fit, perfectly fit.” It’s not like Eden Hasard, who will gain 22 kg on every break.”. Witsel trains all the time, he is always at the top, you have to see how he recovered at his age from the rupture of the Achilles tendon. He also shows that his body is completely healthy. You should not expect statistics from him, goals and assists are not his thing, he projects little but not much, in the transition during a high recovery, but he is not a player who is going to enter the opponent’s area after a lot of possession, he put his head . In any case, it’s a good experience for OM…” Florian Holsbeck – source: FCMarseille (06/16/2022)

OM: Marco Otero expected in Marseille this week

For a few days now, Marco Otero had been approached to be the new director of the Marseille training center. According to AS, he finally decided to accept Pablo Longoria’s offer.

Paul Longoria

Pablo LONGORIA President of Olympique de Marseille

After Nasser Larguet and Jean-Claude Giuntini left the management of the training center, Longoria soon found a replacement for them. Marco Otero, at FC Valence since 2019 where Pablo Longoria brought him, should probably leave Valence for Marseille. Indeed, he would be about to terminate his contract, which still has two years left, to join OM and he would have already said goodbye to his management.

Marco Otero has a good reputation in the industry, he is an experienced technician who speaks French but also English and German among others. Inter Milan and Schalke 04 would also be in the place. However, OM has a weight advantage with the presence of Pablo Longoria.

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Bring a new dynamic to the training center

If OM had a good season this year by finishing second and qualifying for the Champions League, in the reserve and in training, instead, the atmosphere was different.

The Marseille reserve was relegated to National 3 and saw their management jump ship for Marseille. Marco Otero, Longoria’s number 1, will therefore have to be able to give a new impetus to training.

In addition to the summer transfer window, the internal transfer window continues for Longoria, following yesterday’s departure of deputy manager Nathalie Nénon-Zimmerman.

Mercato OM: Did Génésio meet Mandanda?

The summer transfer window has begun, it is hectic in the direction of arrivals but also departures, Steve Mandanda has touches in Ligue 1. According to François Rauzy, a journalist for France Bleu via Space on Twitter, the Olympic goalkeeper would have known to Bruno Genesio. the Stade Rennais coach a few weeks ago.

Steve MANDANDA of Marseille during the quarter final, first leg, UEFA European Conference League match between Marseille and PAOK Thessaloniki at Orange Velodrome on April 7, 2022 in Marseille, France. (Photo by Johnny Fidelin/Icon Sport)

Steve Mandanda’s future at OM seems hard to predict. With a contract until 2024, the goalkeeper would not like to start a new season in the shoes of a 1bis or even a 2. If things do not change for him, then there could be talk of leaving this summer and if Nice is a while interested in the French international, another suitor would already take steps to recover Mandanda.

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Will we see Steve Mandanda with the OM shirt again? The hypothesis is supported. In fact, the French international’s season has not been ideal with competition from Pau López. Announced about the departure by certain outlets, Mandanda would however expect goalkeepers in his future playing time next season. The decision is in the hands of the Marseille leaders, who will have to tell the 37-year-old goalkeeper what role he will have next season, after which Steve Mandanda will make the decision for him.

Genesio-Mandanda contacts?

Steve Mandanda, 37, probably won’t have a hard time finding a club. On the shelves of Stade Rennais and OGC Nice for a few weeks now, the 2018 world champion will have a choice. But according to some media, it is Rennes who would be the club most interested in getting the OM goalkeeper back. According to information from Francois Rauzyjournalist from blue francepronounced during a Space Twitter, Bruno Génésio, the coach of the Rennes club would have met Steve Mandanda a few weeks ago…

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Interviewed on RMC Sport, former AS Saint-Etienne player Jean Michel Larqué believes Steve Mandanda should stay at Olympique de Marseille. According to him, the Olympic goalkeeper is much better than Pau López and deserves to start at OM next season.

Mandanda will make the decision he wants, but Rennes is a bad choice. Yes, it is an ambitious club and it needs a goalkeeper but when I see what happens in the OM with the goalkeepers, I just have the impression that there is a starter and a substitute. Clearly there is a goalkeeper who is better than another, it is Steve Mandanda. Steve Mandanda should not leave OM because the club needs him and because he is better than Pau López. That’s why I think he would make a bad choice to leave OM. He is the best asset for them in goal. » Jean-Michel Larque – Source: RMC Sport (06/10/2022)

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