Is it still worth it?

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart was launched after the tumultuous tests the Silvercrest brand endured. We did the test to see if it was worth choosing it over others.

Monsieur Cuisine Smart was released in December 2021 with some improvements over its predecessor. Selling for a much cheaper price than its competitors, this connected food processor quickly drew a crowd. And as proof, just a few days after its release, 180,000 Monsieur Cuisine Smart Silvercrest have been sold.

We tried one to find out what’s behind that low price of 429 €. In fact, we were not disappointed with the result. However, it should be noted that there are still some points to review in the Monsieur Cuisine Smart.

Product presentation

Succeeding Monsieur Cuisine Connect, this latest version of the food processor was put up for sale after controversies over Lidl’s production strategy. Based on customer feedback, the brand has developed this model by adding some improvements. It is a multifunction device With which you can make a multitude of recipes, both sweet and savory.

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart comes with accessories such as the mixer, the mixing bowl and the chopping knife, among others. It also has an integrated scale with which you can directly weigh the ingredients in the bowl. Also included are the same accessories as the Monsieur Kitchen Connect and the Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus. Since it is a multicooker, it can compete with the functionality of other food processors.

Other than that, this smart device can be controlled via “ ok google » via a Wi-Fi connection The connection is also used to update the recipes initially saved in the appliance.

Technical characteristics

  • Model: SKMS 120 A1
  • Capacity: 4.5 l for the neck and 3 l for the bucket
  • Power: 1200 W (Monsieur Cuisine Smart boils at 1050 W and can blend at 1000 W)
  • Accessories: a chopping knife, a mixing bowl, a whisk, a steamer kit with a lid, a spatula, a simmering basket and a built-in scale
  • Maximum timer: 99 minutes
  • Minimum/maximum temperature: 37°C to 130°C
  • Maximum/minimum timer: 1/8L
  • Pre-installed recipes: 600
  • Maximum load: 5kg
  • Screen size: 8 inches
  • Price: €429

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Monsieur Cuisine Smart: what has changed compared to MC Connect

Many are the changes that this new device has brought. In addition to the programs available in MC Connect, this latest model has six additional programs. It allows you to simmer, ferment, cook sous vide, boil water, make smoothies, and cook eggs. Also, the bowl can be held with a vertical wrist.

Compared to its big brother, the Monsieur Cuisine Smart has a bigger screen (8 inches) with improved quality. As a result, video recipes are fun to watch and follow.

As for its location, it is easier since the MC Smart is higher and shallower. With such a shape, it is easier to handle. Which adds a good point to this device apart from its more powerful but less noisy motor. In addition, Lidl has paid special attention to those who fear for their safety. Thus, the Monsieur Cuisine Smart kept its speaker but got rid of the microphone.

An improved interface

The improvement of the interface is also another of the changes detected in the MC Smart. But we have preferred to devote more attention to it because it is part of the must have of a good food processor. In fact, the programs are displayed with illustrative photos. You can also view the recipes with accompanying images.

Monsieur Cuisine Smart’s responsive interface also allows you to offer your user a catalog of recipes that they can choose from at will. Since video assisted recipes, enough to live “Top chef” at home. Each step of the recipe is associated with a demonstration video, which is a delight for any amateur cook.

Monsieur Cuisine Smart: The new programs

As mentioned above, Monsieur Cuisine Smart comes with six new programs. Before using it, some of these newer programs were thought to be pretty useless. But we were still amazed at its usefulness.

Thus, the egg could be cooked without worrying about the required temperature or cooking time. Also, you no longer need to look for another appliance to make a good smoothie, the Monsieur Cuisine Smart can do it. The same is true for the vacuum cook which begins to conquer the hearts of the French.

It should be noted, however, that Lidl’s flagship food processor can also be adapted for cordons bleus who prefer to be in control of their recipe. It can fully work on Manual mode. In addition to the temperature, we can adjust the rotation speed and the timer as we wish. Since the other side of the knife is not sharp, you can choose which way to operate it to avoid crushing your food.

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A kitchen robot that offers hundreds of recipes

With this smart food processor, you no longer need to search for recipes on the net or read mom’s cookbooks. offers a total 600 recipes among which you can choose. Monsieur Cuisine Smart invites us to consult its catalog of recipes as many times as we want.

However, during our test, we were not satisfied with the search result. It has been observed insects. First, we found that some results shouldn’t show up in the list: meat dishes in the vegetarian category, for example. Sometimes the search results in a list so short that it looks like the device only has a few dozen recipes.

However, we remain optimistic on this point. After a few updates, Monsieur Cuisine Smart will be less fussy. At the moment, we stick to our own recipes and use of the recipe menu is based on trial and error.

What about its use?

Monsieur Cuisine Smart has all the features we discovered with MC Connect. It allows you to mix, mix, stir or knead, etc. It also has six other programs. However, this performance does not always stand out during use.

Does it allow you to mix without any problem?

Already at the beginning, we had to wait a few 30 seconds before the interface loads. Also, when mixing some ingredients for our soup, we found some that resisted grinding, the knife seems too sharp. What gave a mixture rather heterogeneous.

As for the turbo mode, we tried it to chop garlic and onion. The result was impressive in just 3 seconds, but then the knife was gone. unbalanced for the tremor.

Is Monsieur Cuisine Smart good for mixing?

Another problem arose when we started making pizza dough. We live in suspense for 2 minutes, the time to mix the ingredients. The device snoozed several times for a few seconds before resuming. However, this is part of the program to prevent overheating during mixing.

In the end, we obtained a dough that is not completely homogeneous, with some croutons that did not affect the consistency of the dough much. Furthermore, we feel thesmell of overheating. Other than that, everything went well with the other programs.

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Is the Monsieur Cuisine Smart scale on top?

If we compare his balance with that of his elder, we can say that the latter is more reagent. However, there is a drawback that needs to be fixed. The scale has a 5g margin of error. It may not be much, but in baking it can cause a radical change in the recipe.

So, if you want to get a good recipe with a good amount of ingredients, it is better to opt for a separate scale. Otherwise, it is better to choose the Thermomix TM 6 whose error is almost zero.

Verdict: Is it worth buying?

Among Lidl’s food processors, Monsieur Cuisine Smart offers the most opportunities. Its pleasant interface invites you to explore its different features. We can also say that certain points have been corrected. However, we noticed some drawbacks that can be fixed in the next updates. However, it remains competitive with its competitors in terms of food processors.

Problems usually come with certain programs, especially those that require more power. Mixing and kneading does not allow to obtain a completely homogeneous result. Turbo mode can also take the knife out of the shaft. However, with a price three times cheaper than the Thermomix TM 6, we can say that it is worth spending €429 to buy it.

  • new center handle
  • nice interface
  • wider screen
  • six new programs
  • Motor power compared to Monsieur Cuisine Connect
  • no microphone
  • reactive scale
  • affordable price
  • It is not as powerful as the Thermomix TM6
  • The scale shows an error of about 5 g.
  • Slow rise in temperature
  • Recipe search errors

the final score

Power – 8

Usage – 8

Ergonomics – 7.5

Price – 9


Power : It is the most powerful of the entire family of Silvercrest food processors. It is not as powerful as a Thermomix TM 6.

Use : Slow onset, accompanied by some wandering. The device offers a catalog of 600 recipes that can sometimes be difficult to find.

Ergonomics : Nice interface. It can be ordered with OK Google over a Wi-Fi connection.

Reward : The price is really affordable for a smart multifunction kitchen.

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