Johnny Depp at the center of a new trial in Los Angeles

The actor is accused of hitting Gregg Brooks, a member of the film crew. city ​​of liesin April 2017. His legal battle will begin on July 25.

Just your claim against amber heard victory, Johnny Depp prepares to embark on a new legal battle. The actor is indeed accused of beating Gregg Brooksthe director of the film crew city ​​of liesrevealed TMZ in July 2018, the date on which the manager filed a complaint. The two men will meet in court on July 25.

“I’ll give you $100,000 if you hit me”

According to legal documents seen by the tabloid, the filming director was hired in 2017, when the film crew was filming a scene in Los Angeles. At the time, the captures of Johnny Depp would have been chained, without giving director Brad Furman satisfaction. Gregg Brooks would then have informed the filmmaker’s assistant that the filming authorization was about to expire and that they could only film one additional take. Which would have provoked the wrath of Johnny Depp.

The manager, worried about the “instability” of the actor, would have tried to contact a police officer. But Johnny Depp allegedly assaulted him before he arrived. The actor would have launched then: “Who the hell do you think you are? You have no right to tell me what to do.” According to Gregg Brooks, he then punched him twice in the rib cage, getting no reaction from the filming manager. “I’ll give you $100,000 if you punch me in the face,” Johnny Depp allegedly said.

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“Self defense”?

The latter would have continued insulting the employee, before being evacuated by his bodyguards. An incident during which Johnny Depp’s breath “smelled of alcohol,” Gregg Brooks said in his testimony. The employee also reportedemotional stressthat the actor would have ‘inflicted’ on him, revealed page six. For his part, Johnny Depp considered that Gregg Brooks had “caused” the acts that had caused the injuries, and that these were only the result of his “self-defense”. In 2018, other members of the team further claimed that the confrontation had only been verbal.

A trial not broadcast on television

asked by him SunPat Harris, the attorney for Gregg Brooks, argued in early June that the verdict in the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was “unrelated” to this upcoming legal battle. “The Brooks Affair nothing to see with the trial of two Hollywood celebrities involved in a toxic relationship, he said. This is the attack on a member of the film crew by the star of the film.

If the actor will be defended again by his lawyer Camille Vasquez, this new trial will not be not broadcast on tv, unlike Amber Heard’s. The request made by the channel. Law and Crime in fact it was rejected, revealed news week. The amount of damages requested by Gregg Brooks has not yet been disclosed.

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