Logitech MX Mechanical review: The almost perfect office mechanical keyboard

At first glance, it is clear that the Mechanical belongs to Logitech’s MX range, from which it takes the main lines. We find the dark gray chassis with the anodized aluminum plate that gives it its premium look and excellent rigidity. However, the keys are much tighter and the design less airy. This is an aesthetic detail that does not interfere with the quality of the writing, which we will return to later. It weighs 828g and measures 43.4 x 13.2 x 2.6cm.

The MX Mechanical is understated, maybe even a bit too sober, but that’s still a matter of taste. The two shades of gray used to separate the keys according to their uses are boring, and the keyboard clearly doesn’t brighten up an office. Small detail, the keys are not fully anchored, which creates a slight misalignment, as we noticed in the Cherry MX 10.0N RGB.

The keys are slightly misaligned.

The MX Mechanical is discreet.

We also noticed that the keyboard is slightly taller (2.6cm) than the MX Keys (2cm), because of the mechanical switches that are thicker than simple scissor switches. This is not really a problem, because Logitech has chosen models low profile which are still much thinner than conventional mechanical switches. In addition, the retractable feet allow the keyboard to be tilted 8° to elevate it.

The feet allow the keyboard to be tilted 8°.

The keyboard is fine.

Connectivity is always great on most of the brand’s high-end products, and Mechanical is no exception. It can be connected via Bluetooth or via the Logibolt radio receiver. Small apartment in this theme, there is no dedicated housing to store the dongle, which must therefore be carried carefully so as not to lose it. The Easy-Switch technology — which allows you to connect the keys to 3 different devices — is well present, along with Swift Pair compatibility — which allows a PC to detect the key automatically after it activates Bluetooth for the first time.

There are the same shortcuts as on recent Logitech keyboards, namely the “dictation” shortcut, the one that opens the emoji window or the screenshot tool, and the handy multimedia shortcuts. As is often the case with the manufacturer, PC and Mac silkscreens have been applied, which can confuse a user looking to type a specific character, especially when they are not used to this double presentation.

Like the MX keys, the MX Mechanical is backlit, which is very valuable and quite rare for wireless keyboards on the market. Smart Lighting saves battery; the keyboard adapts its luminosity according to the ambient lighting and turns off when the hands are no longer on the keyboard. You can manually increase the brightness with the F2 key or in the Logi Options+ software and even set some light effects like on keyboards. gaming (beats, waves, static lighting, etc.). The interest is quite limited, it must be admitted, since the lighting is only white. And given the keyboard’s asking price, we wish we could customize it a bit more with colored LEDs, which always leave the option to stay on white lighting.

The autonomy for the rest is announced in about 15 days with the backlight, and almost 10 months if it is turned off. What to see coming The keyboard can still be used while charging with its USB-C cable that plugs into the back, next to the power button. Above the number pad, there is a small LED that lights up red when autonomy is low. Please note that the battery is not accessible and therefore cannot be easily replaced if necessary.

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