LoL: The abilities of Nilah, the future ADC, already revealed?

League of Legends again suffered a massive new leak about the next champion to join Summoner’s Rift. All of Nilah’s spells would have been revealed: information shared in particular by big fierce bear, leaker known for frequently hitting the target. This is probably not the final version of the spells. As was the case with the leaks relating to Bel’Veththis is probably a very close preview of the final kit that will arrive with some changes.

More new mechanics

As usual in this type of leak, the only thing we have at our disposal is an explanatory text of the function of each of the skills that make up the champion kit. There are no videos or other evidence, but what has been revealed seems to line up with Riot Games’ philosophy, with unique spells and new mechanics that would create a very interesting package to justify its arrival in League of Legends.

Nilah’s comparison to a “Water Yasuo” was quite apt.

  • Passive – Iridescent Inertia : Nilah’s base attack speed is very low (0.3), but increases on hit up to 6 stacks. Excess attack speed above the ceiling is converted to bonus damage on impact.
  • A – Pearly Cut : Nilah dashes a short distance towards enemies and increases the power of her next basic attack to hit twice and damage nearby enemies in a wide arc centered on her target. The second hit marks all enemies hit, then damages them after a short delay. Second hit damage scales based on the number of enemy champions marked.
  • Q Passive : When casting an ability, Nilah’s next three attacks deal bonus damage. The third attack’s bonus damage is doubled and he recovers 50% of his Q’s cooldown.
  • Tidal Orb W : Nilah launches an orb of water in the target direction. If it hits an enemy or terrain, it explodes on impact to create an area that slows enemies, deals damage, and creates a cloud of mist in which enemies cannot auto-attack. Lasts up to 10 seconds, but dissipates 4 seconds after the first allied champion enters its bounds.
  • E – Reluctant friendship : Nilah extends her whip in the desired direction, attaching to the first enemy hit for 4 seconds. The leash breaks if he exceeds 1000 units.
  • Second activation : Nilah commands her whip to extend from the attached enemy’s position in the target direction. If he hits another enemy or a piece of terrain, a second link is formed between the two targets, allowing Nilah another activation.
  • Third activation : Upon pressing the skill, the items connected by the chain of the second activation are attracted to each other, taking damage and slowing all enemies they pass through. If both enemies are champions, they are also stunned upon colliding. You can hold the spell to make Nilah run towards the first attached enemy.
The first activation of the ability connects to an enemy similar to Karma's W.  - League of Legends
The first activation of the ability connects to an enemy similar to Karma’s W.

The second activation can connect with a second opponent and the third one binds them together, allowing Nilah to charge at them (Infographic via Big Bad Bear) - League of Legends
The second activation can connect with a second opponent and the third binds them together, allowing Nilah to charge at them (Infographic via Big Bad Bear)

  • R – Promise of the Ocean : Nilah channels her spell and creates a ring-shaped elastic sand in the target area, lasting 7 seconds or until she leaves the area. Nilah can attack anything within the arena, regardless of range. Enemies trying to exit the arena will be pushed back in (this can only happen once per enemy). The arena walls act as terrain for Nilah’s W and E. While Nilah remains inside the arena, he gains bonus movement speed and ignores collision.

The truth is that, if Nilah’s skill kit is confirmed, we are facing one of the most spectacular characters in League of Legends. The description of “Water Yasuo” may not match the spell’s similarities, but it does match the fact that this new character will cause opponents a lot of frustration.

However, we would like to point out that there could be changes for the final version and it is always advisable to wait for official confirmation from Riot. The most obvious precedent is Bel’Veth. His spells were almost identical to those mentioned, but some of the more powerful items rumored did not make it into the game.

And his appearance?

A first concept art was already leaked a few days ago. The image shows a champion with a blue-tinted whip that could look like water, a weapon that has already been confirmed by Riot Games. His leg could also refer to the image revealed weeks ago by the studio, the one with the famous blue swirls.

League of Legends

League of Legends

Nilah, if that’s your name, should be revealed in patch 12.13 or 12.14. So we should know all the details between June 23 and July 13. Historically, there have always been releases at major annual events, and this year’s event will revolve around Star Guardians, as Riot Games has already confirmed. This would also mean that the champion’s first skin would be themed.

After Taliyah or Olaf, we finally know the next League of Legends champion who will receive a mid-range update. He runs bot lane, as it is the martial virgin, Sivir, who will get a little (well-deserved) refreshment from her spells.

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