Mosquitoes have an Achilles heel in their genes

Summer has only just begun and now, can’t you bear mosquitoes ruining your evenings? The researchers may have found a new solution to your problem. A genetic Achilles heel that would prevent disease-carrying mosquitoes from reproducing.

To grow and develop, to reach sexual maturity, all insects rely on a hormone La structure de base des stéroïdes consiste en un alcool polycyclique…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Lire la suite”>steroid called ecdysone. A Hormones peptidiques, lipidiques et stéroïdiennes
Les hormones servent à transmettre un signal chimique : elles exercent une action à…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Lire la suite”>hormone
of the moult »
who needs Rôles des protéines
Les protéines peuvent assurer des fonctions très diverses au sein de la cellule ou de l’organisme. 
Elles peuvent avoir :
un rôle structural (comme l’actine ou la tubuline qui…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Lire la suite”>protein
reach the heart of the cells. The researchers have identified four different proteins. But one seems to be essential. It is so with all insects. Except… on the mosquito, we just found out researchers at the University of California at Riverside (USA).

East Achilles heel unexpected, the entomologists now i hope to use it to fight him mosquito breeding. Because mosquitoes, we must remember, not only disturb our summer nights, but above all spread serious diseases such as Zikathe Agent de la dengue
L’agent de la dengue est le virus de la dengue, appartenant à la famille des Flaviviridae, du genre Flavivirus, et donc cousin des virus de la fièvre jaune et du virus du…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Lire la suite”>Dengue
the Agent de la fièvre jaune
La maladie est due au virus de la fièvre jaune, ou virus amaril, qui appartient au…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Lire la suite”>yellow fever
or even the Virus du chikungunya (ChikV)
Alphavirus de la famille des Togaviridae (arbovirus du groupe A), le virus du chikungunya (ChikV) est…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Lire la suite”>chikungunya
. And in a hot climate, more and more regions are affected.

Eliminates mosquitoes while preserving other insects

Researchers have already developed some means of control. Recently, they started to release sterile male mosquitoes so that their mating with females present in nature does not produce offspring. But, “In the current context, the mosquito problem is only getting worse”comments Naoki Yamanaka, entomologist, in a press release. “Depending on a single tool to control populations would be unwise. »

What the researchers hope to do here is develop chemicals that can specifically block the three identified ecdysone transporters in mosquitoes. This is enough to prevent them from maturing and thus reproducing. These chemicals, on the other hand, would have no effect on other insects like the bees that they would still have a protein – in fact, the most essential, according to the researchers’ list – to deliver the hormone to their cells.

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