Okookeat, cookies made in Lagny with international success

Anne-Sophie and Maxime make foodies in Lagny and around the world salivate with their 15 biscuit recipes. ©Julia GUALTIERI

The Okookeat story began in Lagny-sur-Marne, thanks to a Thermomix and the creativity of Anne-Sophie Preaux and Maxime. In their kitchens, which opened in May 2022 to individuals, cookies are distributed on the counter. Fifteen recipes and as many cakes of different colors and flavors, as beautiful as they are delicious. Since the beginning of this gourmet adventure, success has been there; their cookies are acclaimed.

everyone wants it

Okookeat was born a year ago. “He had just offered Anne-Sophie a Thermomix. She made some delicious cookies. As it was the confinement, we had time. We spent an evening inventing the first 15 recipes,” says Maxime.

“We had our loved ones try them, the verdict was unanimous,” adds Anne-Sophie. It must be said that the couple, who have lived in Lagny for 12 years, are not starting from scratch. They both come from the restaurant industry. Very soon, they abandon the Thermomix, set up a laboratory and work with local restaurateurs. The website allows them to widen their circle of clients and then, very quickly, they are requested by individuals. “We started for one, then two people, and then everyone wanted some.”

What is the secret of these cookies?

What is the secret of these cookies Who makes everyone agree?

There really is no secret. Basically, it’s just out of a desire to please! Today, our secret is that we work our cookies individually. The dosage of the ingredients of the dough is not the same according to the recipes for example.

Ana Sofia

Result: gcookies balanced in flavor and sugar. “It’s more of the sweet Maxime here, but I find myself eating more than usual,” says Anne-Sophie. The couple also cooks with quality ingredients : organic free-range eggs, whipped butter, miller’s flour… “Everything is homemade, the creams, the caramel… well, not the M&Ms”, smiles Anne-Sophie.

Okookat Cookies
Okookeat offers 15 gourmet cookie recipes and a surprise recipe each month. ©Julia GUALTIERI

15 recipes and a cookie of the month

In addition to the 15 immutable recipes (or almost), they also have their “cookie of the month”. At the moment, it is a biscuit with a liquid apricot and pistachio heart. » Some customers message us to find out the recipe ahead of time! Some cookies of the month have dethroned fixed recipes”, they say.

The best seller? A white chocolate cookie with lemon, very pretty. A little tip: heat the cookies for 10 seconds in the microwave before eating for a “fluffy” effect.

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At the time of creating the recipes, there is also the ambition to “revolutionize the biscuit”, the bet is visibly successful. “We didn’t expect it, but we came out giving ourselves the means.” Today, their cookies are taking off internationally, in Germany and Italy. However, the US was rejected due to a ‘freshness issue’. A second store could open soon.

Okookat. 15 rue Jeanne d’Arc Lagny sur Marne. Hours: 7/7 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Tel.: 06 40 94 74 35. Website: https://www.okookeat.fr/

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