PS5: DualSense Pro controller is coming sooner than expected!

news hardware PS5: DualSense Pro controller is coming sooner than expected!

It had to happen! Sony would be about to present us with its new PS5 DualSense controller, and soon! Xbox gamers received their Xbox Elite Series Controller 2 two years ago, now it’s PS5 gamers’ turn to welcome a new controller designed for esports.

A new PS5 controller that looks like deja vu

Geared towards esports and competition, a new Pro controller would be developed in Sony labs codenamed “Hunt”.

This famous driver would have been leaked through anonymous Sony sources and would already be in development for a long time. In fact, now that Xbox has established itself as the leader in console and PC controllers, the recent PS5 controller support for various Steam games would have something to do with it.

Sony wants to show that its DualSense is the best, and that is why this alleged Pro controller would maintain its original forms but with new features that will delight competitive game players.

Like the SCUF controllers, Sony would have developed a fully modular controller with replaceable sticksa perfect solution to overcome the joystick “drift” problem (when the joystick moves only because it is too worn).

Another novelty is sure to bring back great memories for former Call of Duty players. The DualSense Pro controller could benefit from paddles on the back for easier access to the big triggers and quicker movement. Good news for FPS gamers.

According to sources, the controller could also be covered with a grip texture to not let the controller slip out of our hands. As you may have understood, Sony is in the process of presenting us with a controller tailored to the competition, a kind of mix of everything that is done in the industry, between the Scuf controllers and the Xbox Elite Series Controller 2.

An imminent launch for the PS5 Pro controller?

Still according to sources, this recent leak could very well be followed by a presentation, but obviously, that could be shown in the form of a trailer.

Because yes, unfortunately, the latest State of Play dates back to June 2 and didn’t even draw the shadow of a Pro controller during the entire presentation. Sony should show us some new stuff on the hardware side, maybe even a console that I know of, in a few weeks, or even before early July.

It only remains to discuss the price, because if the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller shows a price of around €149, the new PS5 controller continues to rise, but much more console-oriented, unlike the Xbox that flirts between consoles. and the PC thanks to the approach of Microsoft ecosystems.

The PS5 controller, known for now as the “Hunt” project, should soon reveal its forms, although the main elements of the classic controller will surely remain the same. Only the future will tell us.

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