PS5: stop using this function that can damage your console

news hardware PS5: stop using this function that can damage your console

However, the rest mode of Sony’s game console, used by many PS5 owners, is increasingly criticized. While it was designed to serve gamers, it tends to be a real pain in the long run.

The rest mode of the PS5 is normally used for put the console to sleep when not used for a period of time defined by the player. Its goal is simple: reduce the power consumption of the PS5, without turning it off. This allows the machine to continue downloading games and updates.but also to recharge any wired controller.

When the PS5 is completely off, it no longer consumes electricity, but these specific features are also inactive. it is then a good compromise for gamers who want to enjoy a console that is always up-to-date and controls that are always loaded. Anyway, on paper! Because in practice, the situation is not the same.

A pretty exhausting rest mode for the PS5

In fact, as soon as the PS5 launched in November 2020, The console’s rest mode began to be heavily criticized.. Sony’s console handled it very poorly and many users found that their PlayStation 5 ended up completely shutting down while the famous mode was activated. A not “clean” extinction, recognized by the console as an unwanted cut. Result, when restarting, the console shows a message “Your PS5 did not turn off properly” and performs a thorough check of the files present on your storage space.

For other players, it is the exit from sleep mode that can be problematic, with a console crash which then requires a reboot. In this kind of situation, sometimes the data is corrupted on the machine, such as backup files, for example. Which makes users very frustrated seeing a feature, but which is supposed to help them, becomes a real enemy.

The PS5 really doesn’t like being woken up…

Errors that are still relevant

One would think that over time, Sony had a chance to resolve these issues. Either the fixes have been applied in different updates of the software part of the PS5However, this does not mean that players no longer have difficulties with the rest mode of the machine.

Since then, it may be safer to do without the rest mode of the PS5to avoid unpleasant surprises, and in particular that of ending up with a good console for a visit to Sony’s after-sales service.

Total deactivation of rest mode on the PS5 is done in three simple steps:

  • Go to console settings and choose the ” power management»,
  • In the “Energy saving” tab, select “sleep mode»,
  • Choose the option “Do not put in sleep mode“.

Your console will no longer go to sleep, even after several hours of inactivity.Remember to turn it off when you are no longer using it, because the PS5 consumes a lot of power.

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