RUGBY. Castres – Toulouse: The CO eliminates Toulouse and goes to the final, follow the rugby match live

23:30 – Castres waits for his opponent

Tomb of the French champion, Castres will play the final of the top 14 next week at the Stade de France. It will be against Montpellier or Union Bordeaux-Bègles, who will play the other semi-final tomorrow, still in Nice.

23:20 – Castres falls the champion

At the edge of the touchline, in front of the bench, Botitu is gone, his face in his hands, his eyes worried. On the lawn, Toulouse has one last ammunition to try to carry out the robbery while the siren has sounded. Then, on impact, Flament drops the ball. The entire Tarn bench explodes, like manager Broncan, hysterical, jumping everywhere. After a sweltering semi-final, Castres won his bid and edged past Toulouse to find the Top 14 final, four years after his surprise title.

However, we did not give much of the skin of the leader of the regular league when at 20 minutes, he stuck out his tongue, exsanguinated before the waves of Toulouse. In fact, it didn’t take the French champions even four minutes to break through the defense of the Tarn. After a first halted advance at 5 meters, Lebel again ripped through the white curtain for a victorious ride. In the process, Ramos made it 10-0 for a perfect start. Toulouse had been left out of a rival that seemed to lack pace. Then everything changed. After the cool break, Castres changed his face and woke up betting on the conquest. Booed, Ugo Mola’s men suffered the impact and multiplied the fouls. First Rory Arnold and then Marchand before the break received a yellow card. For his part, Urdapilleta feasted on the ammunition they offered him to get his team back into the game. At halftime, a point separated the two rivals.

The second half would lead to a breathless crossover where everyone went blow for blow. Castres lit Arata’s first fuse, solid to detach himself from Baille’s clutches and give the CO the advantage for the first time that evening. Toulouse was on the ropes. This was Ntamack’s chosen moment to break out of his box. Following a percussion from Ramos, the former ran between Combezou and Palis before lengthening his pace for a winning 30m run. The defense missed the transformation, leaving the controls to Castres before reaching the time mark. Castres was not scared and continued with his disastrous work with the contribution of his replacements. Then, in a happy 50-22, Dumora urged Urdapilleta to play in the close instead of attempting the knockdown. The first goal hit the ground low, Nakosi took the ball and sent it to the back to try to knock out Toulouse. Crushed by the strikers from the Tarn, the French champions, like a Dupont muzzled like few times, abandoned their title on the pitch in Nice. For its part, the CO confirms its exceptional end to the season by chaining a 6th success in a row and giving itself the right to continue dreaming of the title. See you in a week at the Stade de France.

23:15 – Dumora: “We like to disrupt forecasts”

“We knew that in the first 20 minutes Toulouse was going to want to set the pace. We hadn’t played last week and they had a great game. We let the storm pass and were able to accelerate. In Castres, we like to disrupt predictions”rejoiced at Canal + Julien Dumora, author of the latest test of the CO.

23:13 – Castres continues against Toulouse

Castres scored a second consecutive success against Toulouse. This has not happened to the Tarn club since 2018. Between 2017 and 2018, the CO had even chained 5 rank wins against their rival from Toulouse.

23:10 – Urdapilleta: “We always kept calm”

“We always stayed calm. (At the beginning of the game) We made stupid mistakes, but then we knew how to react and finished the first half well. We knew we could win. Then we dominated. This year, we trusted everyone and we knew the bench would win the game for us. And he did”., explained Benjamín Urdapilleta, chosen as the best player of the match; The Argentine goal scorer for the OC underlined before the microphone of Canal + the strength of character of the Tarn team and that he has developed throughout the season.

23:05 – Jelonch: “A lot of indiscipline”

“We showed a lot of indiscipline in this game and our two yellow cards hurt us. We knew that Castres was a great team and they wanted to take us forward. They did well tonight. We were able to respond in some phases but they didn’t abuse the balls carried enough. Tonight they have shown a lot of realism. Urda (pilleta) has played a great game. In the end we could have gone for the win. It’s a shame but we have come across a great team from Castres. who deserves”, Anthony Jelonch lamented lucidly. the third line insisted on the indiscipline of his team, fatal at this point in the competition.

23:02 – Castres qualifies for the final

After an indecisive and exciting semi-final, Castres brought down Toulouse and qualified for the Top 14 final (24-18). Caught by the throat for the first 20 minutes, the Castres knew how to get up and engage at all times to take down the champion in a second act in the form of a gasping cross chase.

23:00 – Falment loses control

In contact, Flmaent releases the ball and makes the Castres bench explode with joy. Toulouse is eliminated.

23:00 – Toulouse’s last ammunition

The Toulouses recovered the dismissal in short. They have one last chance to win on the wire.

22:58 – Urdapilleta misses the break

Moved to the left, Urdapilleta did not roll his ball enough and saw it go past the left of the posts. Castres remains within reach of a converted try from Toulouse with two minutes to go (24-18).

22:56 – Dumora crashes against Toulouse

After a good touchdown and a fixation in the axis of the posts, Fernández leaves in the closed one on the left. He gives Urdapilleta who pats him on the back at ground level. Nakosi is in reception, Germain resists to give Dumora who scores the try to give the CO a 6 point lead (24-18).

22:53 – Castres reverses the pressure

Babillot reaches to scratch the ball into Dupont’s arms. From behind, Urdapilleta is lucky with the rebounds and manages to find a touch in the 22 meters of Toulouse. 50-22 for the CO that will have the throw-in with the entry of Ngauamo. Return also of Ben Nicholas instead of Babillot.

22:52 – Ramos’ second ruling

Slightly off to the right, at 45 metres, Ramos forces with his right but crosses his attempt too far to the left of the Castres posts. Second failure of the Toulouse striker and Castres remains in front (19-18).

22:51 – Chilachava at fault

In the regrouping, Chilachava wants to dispute the ball with the carrier but passes to the side and offers a penalty at 45 meters for Toulouse.

22:47 – Urdapilleta continues his impeccable

As a result of a fault in the Toulouse field, Urdapilleta is in charge of sanctioning the foot. At 28 meters from the left, the Argentine striker shoots from the left and overtakes Castres ten minutes from the end of this more than indecisive semifinal (19-18).

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