subscribing to a good offer is not complicated

The return of sunny days is marked by fierce competition between operators for the prices of their mobile plans. And in this competition, RED launches a particularly interesting 80 GB offer.

Changing plans before your vacation may seem like a bad idea, between canceling the old line and activating the new one. Away from. Not only has it become quick and easy to switch from one operator to another, but many mobile plans now come with low prices.

Starting with the 80 GB RED offer, the most advantageous at the moment. This is without obligation, with a large data envelope and billed less than 15 euros per month.

A mobile plan that goes to the essentials

By providing 80 GB of 4G data each month, the RED mobile plan largely covers the needs of most users, without going overboard to inflate the bill. Such an envelope is more than enough to watch series on your commute to work or play online in bed.

It is even possible to share your connection without running out of data in the middle of the month. Roaming in Europe amounts to 12 GB per month.

On the communication side, this package provides everything you need. You benefit from unlimited calls to France and the overseas departments, as well as unlimited SMS and MMS to France. In addition, you have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from the French overseas departments and the European Union. Good news on the eve of the summer holidays.

RED blanket

Small point in the network used by this RED plan. It is based on SFR’s 4G antennas that cover 99% of the French population and offer a maximum speed of 500 Mb/s.

Switching plans is quick and easy

This is probably the most difficult misconception about mobile plans: subscription is difficult and time consuming. However, in recent years, the change of operator is a total simplicity. RED takes care of all the line termination and transfer procedures, amortizing the termination costs up to 100 euros.

You just have to go to the RED website to launch the subscription and indicate your RIO identifier. You can get it by dialing 3179. It also allows you to keep the same phone number.

The delivery time of the new SIM card does not exceed one week. The change of line is carried out without the slightest interruption of mobile services.

A really affordable mobile offer

The strong point of the RED 80 GB package is its price, which does not exceed 15 euros. RED offers its offer for 13 euros per monthmaking it one of the most affordable mobile plans out there.

Also, it’s a non-binding package. This allows you to terminate your offer at any time, without having to pay any fees at the time of termination.

Finally, at the time of the order, a first and only payment of 10 euros is requested to cover the cost of the new SIM card.

Are there options for the RED mobile plan?

Although comprehensive, the RED mobile plan can be upgraded with one or more options. Options that only require a few extra euros each month. Especially since you can deactivate them at any time.

We find in particular:

  • unlimited calls to landlines in Europe for 1 euro per month;
  • unlimited calls to North America for 2 euros per month;
  • the SFR TV application (the entire TNT package) for 2 euros per month.

Thanks to the RED&Me mobile app, you have full control over your options. Especially since it only takes two or three clicks to activate or deactivate an option. This app is available on both the Google Play Store and the AppStore.

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