the adventurer weirder than a ferrari

Do you dream of a Citroën Ami to go to the beach? Well, this strange dream will come true: here is the production Citroën Ami Buggy!

Lovers of strange machines and very rare cars, you will be served! In a stroke of madness, Citroën has just presented a crazy and ultra-limited version of its electric without a license: thebuggy friend. The chip is inspired by crazy concept car of the same name, and it will be limited to 50 copies only! Hurry, there won’t be enough for everyone…

Citroën Ami Buggy: more doors and a soft top!

Externally, the Ami Buggy impresses! The most notable element is, of course, the disappearance of the doors. They are replaced by metal tubes. Another big difference is the replacement of the glass roof with a condom. And if there is one element of this version of Buggy that we would like to see again in all the Amis, this is it! Indeed, in the absence of air conditioning and with the windows ajar, the urban microcar can quickly become an oven in summer.

On the other hand, the Citroën Ami Buggy multiplies the unique touches of this model. The dye is a matte khaki, which complete specific golden rims. The body is equipped with several elements taken from other versions of the Ami, such as the small spoiler or the plastic fender arches. Neon yellow details give the outfit a bit of energy.

An ultra-limited tribute to the Citroën Méhari

In short, the Citroën Ami Buggy certainly does not lack personality. You can’t help but think of illustrious beach cars like the Citroen Mehari or even the cheerful fiat 500. Perfect for the holidays this summer, as long as, of course, you don’t stay too far from the beach. Autonomy must remain unchanged and, therefore, officially propose 75 km, or rather between 50 and 60 km in real life. On the other hand, a specific cover has been provided to prevent the Ami from getting stuck in the sand, since there are no doors. But do not imagine walking on the beach. The friend in the stroller is not still not a 4×4, and is not equipped with specific tires. On the plus side, she remains lightso easier when you have to push it to remove the sand below 35°C…

Practical details that should not bother enthusiasts and future buyers of the Citroën Ami Buggy. There will not be many anyway: the model will be limited to 50 copies, all numbered. The reservation will be made online here June 21, by €9,790 without ecological bonus. They are just over €1,000 more than the most expensive Ami… On the other hand, if you manage to win one of the 50 tickets, know that your Citroën Ami Buggy will be “VIP” style delivered at home, starting August 8. When they tell you that this Citroën is more exclusive than a Ferrari…

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